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seth045 07-30-2010 8:46 PM

Lop-sided wake??
I'm looking to buy my second boat. My first boat, "THE SOILDER" is a MC TriStar. Old'ee but goodee and I've also riden behind some older Nautiques with sick wakes. Anyway, I'm looking at an Nautique 220, 08 and I hear the wake is lop-sided? true? I was close to buying an X-star and I'm having problems deciding.....some posts here have been helpful but I want the best of all worlds.....any insight....thanks

h2ohangtime 07-31-2010 8:10 AM

Nautiques are not really "lop-sided", they're just really sensitive to weight distribution. Ours washes out on the starboard side if there are too many people sitting on the port side. If you just move people around or get some small ballast/lead pop bags to fine tune it, you should be just fine.

beleza 07-31-2010 3:30 PM

I've spent quite a bit of time behind a SAN 220.... and a Sport Nautique, and Air Nautique, and older SAN 210. Of all those wakes I prefer the 220 (maybe tied with the 210). I hear people comment all the time about the wake being touchy on a 220 and the only conclusion I can come to is that these people have not spent a lot of time on ANY other Nautiques... most Nautiques seem a bit more touchy than other brands, not just the 220. I'll take a perfectly shaped pop-me-straight up wake even if it means people might have to shift a bit in the boat. To me that's always been a part of wakeboarding. Anyway, you are asking if the 220 wake is lop sided and in my experience it is not. I haven't ridden behind one loaded with 3k lbs of ballast, but with the stock ballast it is very niiice.

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