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steves1967 05-14-2014 9:44 PM

07 calabria questions
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Changed out the impeller today- what a pain in the ass! I had to take the fiberglass "connector" out just to get to it. I have two questions which accompany the pic below.

What is the controller circled in red? Looks like it connects to the throttle body- is this for idle?

Do I really need the black fiberglass "connector" ? Off the exhaust manifolds the rubber hoses connect to a fiberglass log that has inlets on the top (circled in blue) and outlets on the bottom that connect tot he exhaust tips via a 90* rubber connector.

I've looked at a bunch of pics on line and some have the fiberglass log and others don't..


boardman74 05-14-2014 10:05 PM

The box circled in red I believe is for the perfect pass or whichever speed control you have. I would leave the exhaust in the stock configuration. Its that way for a reason.

wake26 05-15-2014 7:36 AM

Red box is the perfect pass servo motor. How does the perfect pass do with it mounted there? I would think with it mounted there with a 90 degree turn that it might cause it some trouble. I had a 08 calabria with the black scorpion and don't remember any tubes connecting the exhaust

Jeff 05-15-2014 10:55 AM

I intentionally mounted my perfect pass servo there as it resulted in only one smooth bend in the cable vs. the more typical coolant house mount point. Speed adjustments became smoother with far less over-correction when I moved it there. The exhaust hose is also a lot more stable than the coolant hoses so it feels more sturdy on there.

Those pieces of ducting that appear to be pointless and go nowhere are to draft air out from low down in the bilge when you're underway. You likely have a pair of corresponding intake vents in front of your windshield too with a similar pair of hoses leading down into the bilge. When you're moving along air is forced into those intakes and down into the bilge. The air is then drawn/pushed out through those vents at the rear. Fuel vapors are heavier than air and will sit and accumulate low in the hull. If the hoses weren't on there then they would tend to just draft from the upper part of the compartment while you're cruising along and leave the air down low undisturbed. With the hoses on there the air is pulled from down low, properly venting any accumulating fuel vapors and reducing risk of explosion.

In short don't remove them.

Actually, your blower is pretty high up vs. the typical location in the bottom of the hull. That's better to avoid it being damaged if you have a little water in there but worse for safely removing fuel vapors. I'd slap another little section of duct on the intake side so that it drafts from the lowest point possible. 1-1.5 ft of the duct should do it and just let it hang. You can get it for 95 cents per foot from SkiDim the next time you need an impeller or something:

And a hose clamp:

Jeff 05-15-2014 11:08 AM

BTW, are you sure the ducts actually connect to the exhaust? I'm thinking they probably don't and they just run down and hang near the exhaust. By the "fiberglass log" are you referring to a muffler?

Like this:

steves1967 05-15-2014 9:59 PM

Yeah, guess I didn't explain it clearly enough. I found my answer- as the "log" is actually the muffler. Ive seen some v-drives without them- guess they are a bit noisier at speed, mine is pretty quiet at 4500rpm

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