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supra24ssv 04-21-2014 12:38 PM

Ballast problem Supra SA (help)
My ballast on my SA have drove me crazy since they were new. I have not had any issue with any of my previous Supras but these will not stay primed. I literally spend 20 minutes getting them going each time I go out. Any thoughts or help would be great

Boonejeepin 04-21-2014 12:58 PM

Probably not the solution but make sure that your seacocks are open and there is not debris on the pickups. Also
Check for air leaks.

Pad1Tai 04-21-2014 1:05 PM

Thats why I use jabsco pumps... I believe your setup is tsunamis pumps..

fman 04-21-2014 1:27 PM

I thought the newer Supra's have Jabsco/johnson pumps? They are self priming, have you checked to make sure impeller is not damaged? I have been using them for years and they always immediately prime when turned on.

tyler97217 04-21-2014 2:27 PM

You should not need to prime those pumps. Maybe you have another issue?????

jonblarc7 04-21-2014 2:31 PM

My old boat did the same thing when the impeller's when bad. On mine the impeller blades where fine but the shaft was slipping and not spinning it enough to start a suction.

supra24ssv 04-21-2014 4:29 PM

it has done it since day one

sprocketeer 04-21-2014 5:03 PM

We definitely need more info...

What exactly do you do for 20 min to get them going?

Do all the pumps have the same problem?

An SA should have all reversible impeller pumps (Jabsco) and not aerators.

If you have had this problem since they were new, it sounds like a warranty issue. I would let my dealer take care of it unless it is too difficult to get your boat to them.

Rusty 04-21-2014 7:54 PM

Take it to the dealer if it's been doing it since day one. Sounds like a bad impeller to me

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