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jaws 10-07-2013 9:24 AM

Prepping and Storing your boat
Last year I was lucky enough to store my boat in heated garage for free. This year It will stay in a huge barn with a concrete floor. The building does not have the power hooked up. I was thinking of pulling all seat cushions, the carpet and maybe the amp rack. I was going to leave the rev 10s. I am going to winterize it and give it a good cleaning before I get it wrap up for the winter. Should I leave the tower up when they wrap it. it is not a far distance from where they will wrap it to where it will be stored ( 3 miles away and under 25mph when towing it) It will be out of the harsh weather that central Indiana has but it will still be cold in this building. Any other suggestions, comments regarding what to do besides a good detail, winterizing and wrapping it up?

10-07-2013 9:27 AM

maybe a few moth balls to keep mice away?

jaws 10-07-2013 10:28 AM

i have thought about mothballs just worried about that smell sticking around.

migs 10-07-2013 10:36 AM

a couple buckets of charcoal. One in the bow, one in the main cabin and 1 in each rear compartment.
maybe a few dryer sheets under all the seats to keep it fresh.

xstarrider 10-07-2013 1:05 PM

Masking tape on the exhaust port flaps to keep critters out.

boardman74 10-07-2013 1:23 PM

I would wrap with the tower down to protect the REV10's from the elements and prying eyes. Out of sight out of mind!!

downfortheride 10-07-2013 1:52 PM

Charcoal? That's a new one to me... Why?

migs 10-07-2013 2:06 PM

absorbs moisture & odors.

MUNS 10-07-2013 2:10 PM

I moth ball mine every year. Doesn't take very long for the scent to go away when it comes out of storage. But I do keep mine parked in the driveway when not in storage so maybe that helps..

phillywakeboarder 10-07-2013 5:16 PM

If it's being stored indoors I wouldn't bother with the wrap. At least here in Philly it's pretty rare to see a wrapped boat inside.

WakeDirt 10-07-2013 6:01 PM

Do you have a good cover? I also use a barn as my storage. I luckily have power, but all I ran was two things of absorbent for moisture. I pulled my cushions and kept them in my garage with all my gear and the boat's batteries.
-Don't put any rat poison IN the boat, you want to put any poison or traps outside.
-Use Saran Wrap on the speakers and the tower. Works!
-Then come spring I just used to wash my cover in a large extractor, and put water replant on it after I washed it.

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