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akorcovelos 03-03-2013 8:31 PM

Wakeboard helmet with audio?
Hi, new to the forum, but been lurking for a while. I'm looking for a new wakeboarding helmet and was wanting to get one with speakers in the ear flaps. All I've been able to find was the old Can Can speakers made by Shred Ready, but I can't find any for sale. Guessing they are NLA? Any other options to ride with tunes without putting ear buds in?

JohnP 03-03-2013 9:20 PM

Look in to Head Zone products. http://www.headzone.com/products

akorcovelos 03-03-2013 9:31 PM

Really nice helmets, thanks for the link. $325 is more than I can spend though. I saw old listings for the Can Cans going for $25 per set, was hoping to find something similar.

broski 03-03-2013 10:29 PM

here ya go man. hope this helps.


akorcovelos 03-04-2013 5:33 AM

exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks, don't know how I missed those, been searching eBay everyday.

broski 03-04-2013 7:12 AM

i just so happened to luck up with a google search! glad to help! let us know how they work!!!

akorcovelos 03-06-2013 11:34 AM

I got them for $28 shipped, not bad! I'll report back with how they sound when they get here, but seeing as out lake will be frozen solid for another few weeks the full review will have to wait, lol. Thanks Broski!

akorcovelos 03-12-2013 5:36 PM

Got the Can Cans, and they sound pretty darn good for what they are. Obviously not much in the way of low range, but still full sounding and plenty loud to hear while riding. I also picked up a Liquid Force helmet on clearance for $23. I need to drill the rivets out of the snaps on the ear flaps and install some new ones to match up with the LF snaps, no big deal. I'll post a pic of the setup when my waterproof MP3 in a couple weeks.

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