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pesos 01-18-2014 5:18 AM

mattress recs
Been sleeping on a tempurpedic queen for the last 8-9 years and in general I've been happy with it, although I do tend to get hot very easily (although that's the case with most beds I sleep on).

Looking to get a king and trying to figure out what to look at. Done a ton of work travel the last couple years and have been very happy with the beds at Westin and especially St Regis - the latter is supposedly Beautyrest Black - but read some concerns about longevity.

I'm tall with very long legs and tend to get some lower back pain on beds that are too soft. I also sleep on my side from time to time so tempurpedic has been great for that.

What works for you guys?

fly135 01-18-2014 6:36 AM

Anything the springs don't poke through.

kstateskier 01-18-2014 1:52 PM

I know you can get the Westin Heavenly Bed through Pottery Barn.

Gotmods 01-18-2014 4:57 PM

Get the tempurpedic breeze. Great for hot sleepers. I went through a $6k pillow top, 4k latex, and now the breeze in the last 10 years and like it the best by far.

buffalow 01-19-2014 2:40 PM

I ended up with the firmest one coscto had - $1000 delivered. Than throw on the 3" foam top and your golden. Best sleep I have had in years and we had a $5K bed before. I am a big tall guy and was having back aches every morning. All gone now.I barely move now and never wake.

acurtis_ttu 01-20-2014 8:21 AM

I bough the w hotel bed ( very similar to westin heavenly bed) and their featherbed topper. Great bed.

Employee discount code is wstar35 . will save you 35% off, free shipping, no tax.

get on their email list and they routinely offer 40-50% off.

brettw 01-20-2014 10:03 AM

Did the same thing as Jason from Costco with a foam topper but on a tempurpedic knock-off. If you don't like it, you just call them, and they'll either pick it up or just let you donate it to charity since they can't sell a used bed.

diamonddad 01-21-2014 1:20 AM

I slept on a memory foam bed when travelling and loved it. But, I heard they can be hot. Anyone have feedback on memory foam beds?

psudy 01-21-2014 7:40 AM

I just bought a Beauty Rest recharge. Its a hybrid with cooling foam. Love it so far, and with a 25 year warranty. The Tempurpedic Breeze was really nice, but I am not spending 6k on a mattress.

acurtis_ttu 01-21-2014 11:22 AM

the thought of sleeping on the same matress for 20 years is disturbing to me.....I get the salesy promise of a 20/25 year warranty, does anyone keep em that long?????
I've been told they get "hot" b/c you dont' move at nite.....sleeping in one spot takes some getting used too.

psudy 01-21-2014 12:22 PM

Lol. I know I won't but its nice to know it is covered. I still move at night. You can really notice a difference with the cooling foam when you test them out.

jarrod 01-21-2014 1:16 PM

I recently bought a mem foam bed and we can't wait to get rid of it. I think it comes down to being too soft. We'll be going back to a regular ole mattress.

wakemitch 01-21-2014 5:17 PM

I also got one of those Costco mattresses (without the foam top) and it is the best bed I have ever slept on. Ive had it for a year and I am still excited to go to sleep every night.

priszkid 01-24-2014 10:32 PM

I love my sleep number.

phathom 01-24-2014 10:49 PM

First off, I misread the title and read it as "Mattress Races" instead. I was disappointed when I saw my mistake.
Secondly, I have slept on just about everything besides a sleep number bed. Standard, Memory Foam, Waterbed, Watertube Bed, Hybrid Water and foam/memory foam mattress, etc.
I currently am sleeping on a 7" cheapo memory foam bed and it is some of the best sleep I have ever had aside from a ridiculously plush bed I slept on while on vacation in Hawaii once.
I would say, that if you do go for another memory foam mattress, make sure you get one that is plenty thick as my knees do tend to sink down to the frame when I'm, ummm not sleeping.

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