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the_fish 07-19-2012 7:56 AM

Thinking about replacing my stock ACME prop on my 2007 211. I never go over 25-27 mph so Im not sure if Ill get a lower pitch, bigger blade, or both.

Any recommendations?

Mahoney86 07-19-2012 7:59 AM

What are you looking to do? Do you need more holeshot speed, top end, boat has no power when ballast are full. Lets us know what youre looking to achieve with the new prop

lifetimewarranty 07-19-2012 8:08 AM

Acme seems to be the way to go.

Their website has extensive details to help get you the exact prop you need...They let you try the prop for 30 days and if you aren't 100 percent satisfied then they will swap for another one also.

I wouldn't hesitate to contact them (or perhaps one of their dealers).

Dmac420sj 07-19-2012 11:29 AM

I went from a ok I believe 14*13 to a acme 911 night and day difference I lost 8 mph but it holds speed and get out of the hole way better!

Dmac420sj 07-19-2012 11:30 AM

Oj^^ stupid spell check

dave27 07-19-2012 12:49 PM


This is where I go. If I find the disount code, you can get 20% off as well.

wakeboy01 07-19-2012 1:45 PM

I love my OJ prop. The 4 blade prop just throws you back in your seat and pulls anything out of the water.

Dmac420sj 07-19-2012 2:17 PM

What size^^

boarditup 07-19-2012 4:48 PM

My most recent testing, and testing by CC show that the new 15" diameter props are the way to go on your hull. If you heavily load, the new 5-blade props will work well. You really need to weight them with a 5-blade prop, however, due to the amount of lift they generate. If you want specifics, contact me by e-mail and I can discuss the statistics and details of how they work on the water under various conditions.

silverlude 07-20-2012 7:08 AM

Having owned about 6 props over the years have found the OJ's to be way more durable than Acme. Performance in same prop size ect... bout the same but for durability the OJ shines. IMHO (We run in the Ohio river alot and occasionally hit some sticks,limbs ect...the Acme 's would get knocked out of balance or bent and I averaged two or three reapirs each season,had a OJ prop on for 3 seasons,no repairs if that tells ya anything.)

TheSqueakyWheel 07-20-2012 7:37 AM

I own both OJ & Acme props - I can't tell a difference.

boarditup 07-20-2012 8:28 AM

There is a difference - but not too much. If you look at both props, you will see a difference is the shape of the blades and in the thickness of the blades. The OJ material is softer, the Acme material is harder and thinner. The Acme will be about 3% more efficient that the same specification Acme. However, as observed, the OJ will be more durable and easier to rework if damaged. I am an Acme dealer and friends with the owner of Acme. They test on my lake and I have tested and sold OJ props as well. Eric at OJ is a great guy and the props are good. You will not see a huge difference. However, if the differences between the props are important, then you have a reason to select one above the other.

When testing the Acme versus the OJ 5-blades, the performance was similar. The only significant difference is the OJ ventilated easier on hard turns than the Acme. I do not know if this was significant to the prop or my boat (08 MC X-2). The other difference was about 100 rpms at surfing speed.

I have the Acme 5-blade on my boat right now. It performs well. I don't, however, use a lot of ballast, so the main performance characteristic under really heavy loads is lost on me. It does produce a great surfing wake shape - about 2-feet more rideable length in the wake. It did, however, make the X-2 more skiable. The 5-blade has so much lift at high speeds the wake flattened out at 34 mph. The extra rideable surf length is likely due to the extra hull length in the water - just keep adding ballast.

tdc_worm 07-20-2012 11:07 AM

i had similar OJ and ACME props on a 2006 nautique 220. raw performance was similar, but i thought the OJ actually helped clean up the lip of the wake and also resulted in less list when under way. i now have an OJ on my 230, so you can see which i prefer....

dave27 07-20-2012 1:20 PM

A 3 blade prop is $350 and a 5 blade prop is $700. Is the 5 blade really worth it? IDK, I would be curious.

WakeDirt 07-20-2012 1:40 PM

Karly, I am looking into a Acme 2247 Propeller 4 Blade 15 x 14.25 LH 1 1/8" Bore .150 Cup > for my 06, 23 foot MB B52,
I run 2500 stock ballast, for surf, and have some steel weight in the back, about 240lbs totaal, then stereo/gear/batteries is around 400 or so. So I am on the heavier side, and i surf 95%. I currently have a 13.5 x16.5. I also have the two speed tranny.

I have read people with the 24tom cat being happy with the 15x14.5, but also rec the 15x12, which seems like I would lose all top end. Any thoughts?

TheSqueakyWheel 07-20-2012 1:58 PM

I recently tried that prop on my MB24 with the 410 engine. It was vastly inferior to the Acme 15x12 for surfing. I surf with over 3500lb of ballast.

We also tried that 15x14 on my neighbor's MB21 with the 340hp. That engine didn't seem to have enough juice to spin the bigger blades and it dragged coming out of the hole.

You may be OK because you run less ballast than me for surfing. I don't know how the 2 speed tranny comes into play.

Kaikane 07-22-2012 9:22 AM

Requesting some input...finally had our first major prop ding at Don Pedro and need a replacement. Have a 2008 SAN 230 with the 343. The ACME 1235 has been solid but wondering if any other 230 users out there have gone to an OJ 5 blade? Top 3 uses are wakeboarding, wake surfing, and hanging with the kids. We always have a full boat so guessing 2000 lbs of people/gear, and roughly 750 pounds of ballast when wakeboarding and another 2000 pounds when we surf.

Don't mind sacrificing top end speed for better hole shot and low end performance. Thanks for any suggestions.

kskonn 07-22-2012 4:31 PM

I fell in love with the aw 1285 on my X2. However I have heard great thing about both companies, seems to be the only way to go wrong is to not use an acme or oj.

deltawake 07-22-2012 11:53 PM

I have used multiple Acme and OJ props on 3 Malibus, 3 Axis A22s, and now on our MC X-25. In my opinion, the Acme props are a superior product. They seem to be machined to tighter tolerances, resulting in less vibration, and a smoother hole shot. If I were looking into re-propping my boat, I would call Acme and ask for Jim. He will ask what you are trying to accomplish and all of the particulars of your boat. He will recommend a prop, and it will be great! At least, that has been my experience on many occasions.

mikeski 07-23-2012 3:25 PM

SV211 @ 25mph = Acme 1235

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