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epicwinnipeg 02-10-2010 3:23 PM

I picked up an 09 epic 23v late last fall and only got out with it once in the freezing cold. I can tell this wake is going to be unreal but didn't have it quite dialed in the first day. <BR> <BR>I'm curious how the other epic owners out there are weighting their boats, what length their riding at, and what speeds. <BR> <BR>cheers

innov8 02-10-2010 3:37 PM

We ride with about 3000lbs at 25 to 26mph at 90 feet. <BR> <BR>Wake is unreal, you dont need to fill the ballast all the way to 4,000lbs. <BR> <BR>Front tank full and side tanks at about 3/4 full.

02-10-2010 4:12 PM

Dang 90 feet! I know that some pros ride that length and I know Epics have narrow wakes but do you HAVE to ride them at 26 mph and 90 ft to get a good wake?

26lacefield 02-10-2010 4:29 PM

On Tony Caroll's epic we fill the front all the way with an additional 200lbs of lead. don't remember which side it is but we put one side at 1/4 way full and the other at 1/2 full. it sounds weird cuz the boat will be offset but with all the torch of that 8.1L Merc. it levels out the boat when going. we ride 80 to 85 feet at about 24 I think. i'm sure Ben C. will get on here and tell you exactly what we set it at.

liquidmx 02-10-2010 5:44 PM

Yup, I have heard similar setups Ryan. Have you guys tried putting the 1k fly high bag in the bow and filling the rears 3/4 and full? <BR> <BR>I have only had the chance to ride behind one epic and it was a real windy day so it was kind of hard to figure out. I would love to play with one for a day to see what's possible.

26lacefield 02-10-2010 9:12 PM

M-Dizzle- no we haven't tried that set up. We are running the boat on a 6 to 7 foot deep private lake so we are a little limited to how we weight the boat. The way we have it right now its putting out a very nice a large wake.

epicwinnipeg 02-11-2010 7:51 AM

Thanks for the input. I'm sure we will find our perfect setup based on this info. I can tell the tip of having the rear tanks offset by 1/4 tank alone is going to to save me a lot of grief! <BR> <BR>I did notice the boat was very weight sensitive when we were out. Would I be correct in assuming the offset rear tanks will aid this greatly?

tuneman 02-11-2010 9:45 AM

We do full front ballast, 1/2 port, 3/4 starboard, wakeplate 1/2 up. 24-26mph and 70-90 feet is all good.

dadthedriver 02-11-2010 9:51 AM

Ian, <BR>Glad to hear you went with a EPIC. You will be very happy. As far as weighting the boat. We fill the front plus 300lbs lead. we fill the left side 1/2-5/8 and the right side just over a 1/4- 3/8 depending on people. like ryan said when you are idling out it looks kind of funny but as soon as you throttle down the boat will level off and the weight sensitivity will become a none issue. Hope that helps please email me if you need anymore info.

dadthedriver 02-11-2010 9:54 AM

Wake plate for us is just over half. 24-26 mph and 75 to 90 feet out. the wake plate makes it nice for all levels because with the flip of the switch you can mellow it out for the beginners

samhanna 02-11-2010 10:33 AM

Most of the time im out I just have 2-3 people including me. Front ballast full, left 3/4 right 1/2 with wakeplate a little under half. 80-85 feet and your gonna get booted

epicwinnipeg 02-12-2010 2:22 PM

that all sounds like good and pretty consistent advice. <BR> <BR>ben/ryan...I also notice the nose rides quite high. Is your lead in front to help keep the nose down or more geared towards shaping the wake? Or do you typically have a lot of rear passengers and it's just to even everything out?

bizz 02-12-2010 2:35 PM

When I had my Epic I use to weight it like this: <BR> <BR>600 pound sac in the bow walk way. <BR>300 pound side sac on the left side. <BR>All the stock ballast tanks full. <BR>26-28 mph depending on people <BR>85-95 feet of rope. <BR> <BR>So if you want to fill the stock ballast all the way up. Add more weight to the nose. My wake was really good.

epicwinnipeg 02-12-2010 2:56 PM

bizz...any pics/vid of this wake? sounds pretty ridiculous if there were many passengers!

jason95gt 02-12-2010 5:09 PM

I cannot believe that some of you guys buy a Epic for the ballast and then add more. I just can't imagine that riding behind a Supra and a X-45 with stock ballast.

sippi 02-12-2010 5:12 PM

I wanna see some pics, or better yet...video!

epicwinnipeg 02-20-2010 12:37 PM

ben/ryan...I also notice the nose rides quite high. Is your lead in front to help keep the nose down or more geared towards shaping the wake? <BR> <BR>On that note I have read conflicting effects of weight placement. Does more weight in the bow make the wake steeper or mellow it out?

sippi 02-20-2010 3:00 PM

As a general rule of thumb, more weight in the back makes it steeper, more in the front makes it more mellow and thicker

okcwakebrdr 02-20-2010 4:54 PM

26-28 MPH WOWWEE!! Thats flyin!! Does'nt leave to much time for that many tricks in a contest run ...lol!

dadthedriver 02-22-2010 10:07 AM

Ian. the lead is for both reasons. It helps keep the nose down and also will take a little of the steepness out of it.

imscarlet 02-22-2010 12:48 PM

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.alliancewake.com%25 2Fwake%252Fabu-dhabi-video-part-1%252F&amp;h=b447c06a8f98e2604e0313d3710aa941&amp; ref=mf" target="_blank">http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.alliancewake.com%25 2Fwake%252Fabu-dhabi-video-part-1%252F&amp;h=b447c06a8f98e2604e0313d3710aa941&amp; ref=mf</a> For video of wake

cwaker4 02-22-2010 2:51 PM

in our Epic we run the front almost full, the driver side around 3/8 and the left side 1/2-5/8. we also have 300lbs. of sandbags in the nose and the wakeplat 3/4 down. after much experimentation it seems to be the most and most consistent out of our boat.

samhanna 02-23-2010 11:16 AM

<a href="http://vimeo.com/6832725" target="_blank">http://vimeo.com/6832725</a> <BR> <BR>Here is a video of my first day out with the Epic. I had just before this video actually broke my fibia and didnt know it. I was taking it really easy, the ballast was about half full and you can see the wake come up to somewhere between my knee and waist, Im 6' tall. <BR> <BR>a second video from that day <BR><a href="http://vimeo.com/6832969" target="_blank">http://vimeo.com/6832969</a>

dadthedriver 02-23-2010 1:19 PM

Cwaker4, That is the perfect setup for the EPIC then just play with the plate to get exactly what you want.

epicwinnipeg 04-02-2010 5:26 PM

I've got another epic question that doesn't need a whole new thread.

How are people running the straps & pole under the cover?

The instruction sheet shows the straps going to 4 cleats. The epic only has 2. I have been running the two rear straps to the rear cleats, the pole middle of floorish, and the front straps over the windshield walk-thru and to the latch for the anchor hatch. It works but at the same time doesn't seem quite right.


also discovered my vinyl is quite pink in places after pulling the boat out of storage. Anyone else experiencing this? Any luck cleaning?

goboating 04-07-2010 4:55 AM

They do need cleats up on each side of the bow. I have double ended snaps on the front of my straps and run them into the anchor locker and clip them on the latch. It works fine and I've been doing it that way for 2 years now. I may add cleats for this summer.

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