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knels707 05-07-2008 3:58 PM

we bought a brand new avalanche with a set of back ordered skylon board racks from hammers ski and marine out of petaluma. they said it would take a couple of weeks to ship. when it came there was only one rack so i called them up and they said the other one was going to ship in another couple of weeks. well i called every week or so but they gave me the same answer that they were back ordered. we finally were in the area and tried to go in face to face and it turns out they went out of business. im not sure what my options are, am i screwed or is there some way to get my rack?

polarbill 05-07-2008 4:03 PM

Sounds to me like your screwed. <BR> <BR>Maybe someone on this board can locate one for you for cheap or sell you a used one or something.

kko13 05-07-2008 4:07 PM

i would call centurion they may help you out. i think they should make it right for you. its worth a shot.

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