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Rainman45 09-11-2013 9:50 PM

Looking for a boat
I am looking for some advise on buying a boat. I am looking to buy a boat this off season for next summer. The boat will be used probably 70% for surfing the other 30 for Wake skating and boarding. I really would prefer a pickle fork because of the extra room. The boats I have been looking at are the Malibu MXZ 22, Mastercraft X25, and the Supra SA. The fit and finish of the mastercraft really makes me want to go that way but the MXZ is a nice boat as well. I have not had the chance to be on a SA yet though.I will most likely be buying a preowned 2010-2012. My budget is around 75k. Thanks

dezul 09-12-2013 4:24 AM

If you are doing that much surfing, you might want to look into a Centurion.


Out of the choices above, it makes it difficult to choose. They are all great boats. I doubt you can go wrong with any of them. The fit and finish of the Centurion will not match any of those listed above, but it is a surf machine and it is pickleforked.

loudelectronics 09-12-2013 6:38 AM

If looking for a picklefork and size and surfing with wakeboarding then the first boat that comes to my mind would be a Tige RZ2 or RZ4. The surf wakes are better than the 3 you have mentioned (mastercraft and surfing do not go in same sentence as much as they want people to believe). The wakeboard wakes are pretty solid as well just not advertised as much as the surf wake. I would test drive each loaded for what you want to do. You will see what fits you best and see how good of wakes these boats put out.

xstarrider 09-12-2013 6:53 AM

Of the 3 you mentioned since you are wanting more of a surf boat the X25 would be the clear winner. With the SA being just ahead of the MXZ. Quite honestly though the X25 is in a league of its own compared to both of those surf wise. Wakeboarding wakes though all 3 throw some killer wakeboard wakes and are in the same level in that category. Just bit different shape and feel to each.

The SA and MXZ are not known for throwing surfwakes. The SA bow also sits pretty low when weighted up. Just take a look at the sac'd out thread or any pro comp it pulls. It's always taking the occasional water over it.

I would take a very very strong look at Tige or Centurion. Especially seeing as how you threw the SA in there. Both of those MFG build just as good of a boat as the Supra with similar quality and bling only they have some of the best waves around.

Ttime41 09-12-2013 7:58 AM

One thing no one has mentioned yet is that with the MXZ you'll have the option of adding surfgate. That alone would persuade me to look closest at the Malbu. No it may not have the best surf wake in its class, but being able to switch sides in seconds sounds pretty awesome from a convenience and fun standpoint. I wouldn't count out the SA just yet if you're looking for a boat with a surf system though..

09-12-2013 8:08 AM

To be blunt I think you are looking at the wrong boats if you are going to use it for 70% Surfing, with maayyybe the exception of the MXZ (if it has surfgate). I would look at Tige, Centurion, Supreme, MB, and a few others as well but the boats you are looking at as mentioned are not known as great surf boats

Fixable 09-12-2013 8:14 AM

Of the 3, I would go X25. Surf gate would be nice, but if you went Malibu, I would do the 23LSV. It's not a PF, but it is a little longer than the others. Pretty close to the same amount of room, and a better surfing machine.

That being said, It is hard to beat a Centurion for surfing. It is a trade off on interior quality, and general fit and finish.......... The surf wakes are incredible though.

If you end up with an X25, and are stuck in the 22' class, (Which I feel is about the best boat, in the 22' class, for a blend of great wakes, great comfort, interior space, rough water ride, and fit and finish), You would want to get the setup info from some guys who have owned them. They are not good "out of the box" surfing machines. However, a dialed X25 has an awesome surf wake. (Same goes for the X30). And they can be setup with all ballast in the compartments.

bjames 09-12-2013 4:04 PM

^ What they said. If surfing is your preference, the Centurion and Tige. The X25 has a good surf wake, but from videos alone on yout tube of the Centurions, its a no brainer. Probably less $$ as well.

Rainman45 09-12-2013 4:11 PM

I know the centurion is the favorite around here and probably for good reason. I just really would rather the fit and finish to be nicer than the surf wave be outrageous. That being said I have seen some X25s set up to throw a pretty good surf wave. I just really cant convince myself to like the looks of the Centurion hammer head bow. The RZ2 is a really nice boat but something about the looks of that boat as well just does nothing for me. I really think that the new Supra is the best looking boat out right now, but for my needs the X25 and the MXZ 22 is on the top of my list.

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