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tn_rider 03-20-2013 3:39 PM

Fuel pump?
I my 23 LSV is having starting issues. It has the monsoon in it. The motor will turn over, hit and act like its going to start then die. I just had it out 2 weeks ago. At the ramp it did it a couple if times but it started then ran perfectly fine. Even while we were out I had the engine off a couple of times but it never did it again. Any help?

tn_rider 03-20-2013 3:41 PM

It is also saying service required which could be cause of me winterizinf it myself!!

bass10after 03-22-2013 10:37 AM

let me know what you find.. I have the indmar ltr which i believe is the same engine as the monsoon. Last year mine would do the same thing when it was first starting but after it warmed up a bit would be fine. I changed the iac out and took it to the mechanic who said it showed a code, although i forget what that was now. Long story short they never figured out what it was after a full day of troubleshooting. I chalked it up to being cold blooded, but i would think a fuel injected engine should stay running.

bass10after 03-22-2013 10:39 AM

btw my fuel pressure was fine across the rpm range so that eliminated fuel pump and my cylinder compression was as good as brand new as well.

johnboyy7 03-26-2013 1:57 PM

with a fuel pump it either works or it doesnt. thats mechanical or electric. i would check my fuel filter. the fact that it only did it a couple times is strange. if its doing it in the beginning maybe there is a possibility that somehow the fuel line is leaking off and its taking it a bit to become liquid full again. on mine engine there is a check valve after the high pressure pump to prevent this.

tn_rider 03-26-2013 4:14 PM

Another thought, the previous owner may have run ethanol fuel in it..after sitting all winter it may be a little gummed up. I did the winterization myself so the service engine may be a result of that. The day I ran it all gauges were perfect.

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