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buffalow 02-20-2012 4:21 PM

Photoshop Help
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I have a few photos I want to tweak this photo similar to what I saw on this site. For example, this included photo, I want to take (1) blossom and leave it full color (natural color), and the rest black and white or sepia. I have some better shots, but this is an example. Can anybody help or send some links? Obviously this is shrank down from the original 22 Mb file. I know it is something about filtering, but never really played with it.

dakid 02-20-2012 4:57 PM

open in ps
go to image > adjustments > desaturate
then use history brush tool over what you want in color


shawndoggy 02-22-2012 9:24 AM

Joe that worked great, thanks for the tip (I've wondered how to do that too).

buffalow 02-27-2012 6:33 PM

Hey Joe, that was awesome. Any way to "desautrate" into a Sepia type filter, than history back.

buffalow 02-27-2012 6:54 PM

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Working on it...

buffalow 02-27-2012 6:56 PM

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One more

bigboarder21 02-27-2012 10:43 PM

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those shots look amazing and thanks for asking the question. did you figure out how to get into sepia?

and this is what i ended up with

buffalow 02-28-2012 8:45 AM

Yhea I used Image/adjustments/camera filters/sepia - Than could history back.

Love that shot of yours

shawndoggy 02-28-2012 9:27 AM

Here's the one I did (moonrise at Bullards Bar)...


buffalow 02-28-2012 10:23 AM

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What an amazing tool this is

bigboarder21 02-28-2012 10:52 AM

I love it. it can turn a ok looking picture into an amazing one

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