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pierce_bronkite 09-03-2013 9:32 AM

Standing cable start - How to?
Anyone have any tips on how to do this? Im talking about the standing cable start where a rider is standing and uses the leverage of the rope and board to lift off. For clarity, I am not talking about standing then jumping off the start, I know how to do those.

fly135 09-04-2013 8:15 AM

When the rope pulls tight lean back. Then do a nose press and push off the nose.

behindtheboat 09-04-2013 8:41 AM

It pulls you up and out, go with it, and bring your feet back down and under you if need.

pierce_bronkite 09-04-2013 9:35 AM


When the rope pulls tight lean back. Then do a nose press and push off the nose.
Thanks. Sounds simple enough but I wasn't sure if I had to time the carrier and the rope tension when doing this. The cable operator told me to rock back and then rock forward as soon as its about to lift you off.

I am probably making this much difficult then it needs to be.

Kane 10-17-2013 1:48 AM

Here is a pretty good tutorial.

Keep us posted if you land these.

fusion134 05-08-2014 8:18 PM

Did you ever get this landed. I think the raley start is a little easier than the nollie start. My cable is linear so I'm not sure how different it would be; I think it would probably help you to have your arms out when the cable tightens so you can give it a good pull up with your arms in addition to what everyone else has said.

Warnerstyle 09-17-2017 7:02 PM

Just jump. Right before the rope pulls tight, Jump. You'll naturally want your feet underneath you, so don't overthink it and just Jump

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