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99Bison 03-18-2013 6:56 PM

Amp suggestion tower pair and sub?
Looking for a amp for a Rev 8 pair (~200 RMS each @ 4 Ohms) and ~400W RMS sub.

Note that I am not looking to upgrade the tower in the future with this setup.

I am thinking:
- Class D
- 5 channel amp?
- Even a 3 channel would work
- Any/all 4 channel amps operate with one set bridged and the other two not?

Suggestions, experiences?

chpthril 03-18-2013 8:49 PM

Kicker IX1000.5 would deliver 250 ea to your towers and 500W to a 2 ohm sub

Arc XDi805 will deliver 240 ea to your tower and 400 to a 2 ohm sub.

nitrousbird 03-19-2013 8:50 AM

Got a good 5-channel solution.

Polk D5000.5. Bridge the 4-channel to two channels, puts out 200x2 RMS @ 4ohm. Assuming a 4 ohm DVC sub, run each VC in parallel and you will get 400 watts RMS @ 2ohm from the sub side of the amp. All that for $290 shipped. Class D, compact amp, looks good, Marine rated and they sound great.

Want to do it with 2 amps? PPI P600.2 (bridged to 1 channel) for the sub @ $140 shipped. PPI P900.4 bridged to two channels @ $190 shipped. The are basically the same amps as the Polk series though not marine rated.

Either of these setups will get the job done well without spending a fortune.

wetsounds1 03-19-2013 9:40 AM

You can run the Wet Sounds HT-6 6 ch in 3 ch mode. 300x3. Assuming a 4 ohm sub or dual 2 ohm wired as a 4 ohm load.

You could do a HT-4 bridged 300x2 and a HT-1 on the sub for 300x1 at 4 ohms or if a 2 ohm sub or dual 4 ohm sub, 600x1 at 2 ohms.
Or you could run the HT-2 on a 4 ohm sub for 575x1

Wet Sounds

99Bison 03-19-2013 3:52 PM

Thanks all, I will investigate some of these further.

Any big advantage to having a separate sub amp? I am leaning away from that as I already have two amps in the boat, don't really want 4... nor replace the old ones to consolidate yet.

Wouldn't the PPI P900.4 be a little much for the two Rev 8's as it ranges from 300 - 450 RMS bridged. Unless one bridge was for the sub (300-450) and the other rev 8's shared (150-225 per)?

Edit: perhaps not, Tim also suggested 300x2 HT-6, is that at 12V or 14V?

99Bison 03-20-2013 8:40 AM

Doh, scratch this comment, 2 ohm bridged stable required for this - "Unless one bridge was for the sub (300-450) and the other rev 8's shared (150-225 per)?"

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