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2LakeWake 02-13-2013 7:11 PM

Dock Lighting/Wiring suggestions
Re-wiring my dock this spring.....any suggestions as far as:

types of lights under roof over boat
spots/floods outside of dock
locations of electrical outlets

Pics are appreciated.......

mikeski 02-14-2013 1:02 AM

I did the dock behind my parents place on the water when I was an electrician and stored my boat on a lift there. It was a U dock, I stubbed up 3/4" rigid nipples with weatherproof outlets topped with 25 watt mushroom lights on the inside rear corners of the U and had another one on the far side across the dock at the front of the boat. The dock had a canvas canopy with a steel frame. I had a motion activated dual head flood light directly over the boat. There was always plenty of light, and a 25' extension cord reached everything from one of the 3 outlets. I also had a 30amp/220V powerbox for a big boat that was never used. The dock lights were controlled by a timer and I had a bypass switch to turn the lights on inside the house if needed. I also had a big 500W halogen flood that shined on the dock controlled by a switch next to the master bedroom overlooking the dock below. This setup proved to be very secure and functional.

baitkiller 02-14-2013 1:22 PM

Please be very careful.
Fresh water is deadly.


2LakeWake 02-19-2013 12:30 PM

I hear that Baitkiller......not our first rodeo, but appreciate the informative article.....

The reason I am re-wiring is the previous owner, let's just say, spared every expense, when they originally wired it. Electrocution is my main reason for rewiring. I have exposed wires all over the dock and don't want to chance the water/electricity combo.

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