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wakereviews 02-03-2007 3:16 PM

Another husband looking for advice for his wife here.... <BR> <BR>My wife has never boarded but is a good slalom skier and she wants to board this year. She's 5'7, about 135 or so. I was thinking a 134 is the right size... what do you all think? I'm looking to get her into a cheap package deal, probably even a used one if I can find one on eBay. I did see a new 05 Blindside flower 132 on there right now for 99 bucks. Would a 132 board work?

fuzzball 02-03-2007 4:27 PM

At 5'7" and 135 I'm thinking a 134 or a 138. Since she has never ridden before the extra board surface will help. If it helps my girlfriend is 5'4" 115 and rides a 130 Eden. Hope this helps.

criswb 02-04-2007 9:23 AM

a 132 is ok, you saw emily copeland which is a big girl riding a 132 when she was with hyperlite. but i would recommend a bigger, 134-138 range. i am 90 lbs and ride a 131, i used to ride a 125 but things are much better with the 131. <BR> <BR>look for last year packages.. im sure you could find a LF Diva package or HL Divine package for a nice price, i think both come in 134 and the Diva comes in 138

greg_sa 02-05-2007 1:00 AM

My girlfreind just got a 2006 LF Cadence 134. She loves it! She's about 120. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Greg_SA on February 05, 2007)

wakereviews 02-06-2007 6:57 AM

Nice... well i do have a LF Substance that is a 138 and transit bindings that would work for her to try and make sure she likes it first..... i guess I had figured a 138 was too long for her. Thanks guys for all the feedback!

nancy 02-07-2007 6:22 PM

I have a blindside flower 134 with Hyperlite 05 spins or 04 spilts. Either binding would work great with this board. They are adjustable 3-7 mens. I can email pictures. My email is jreeveslink2000.net

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