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rkg 07-14-2006 10:21 AM

Tige sure does know how to create controversy on these message baords and get buzz going. <BR> <BR>Controversy 1- TAPS create wakes/makes wakes bigger <BR> <BR>Controversy 2 - Wood is good (older Tiges, was a favorite message board argument) <BR> <BR>Controversy 3- Pickle Fork time baby... <BR> <BR>MC missed the boat. They should have patented the pickle fork when used in a wakeboarding boat so they could be paid royalties licke Correct Craft did with towers.

jthomas 07-14-2006 2:29 PM

would you not have to first patent a "wakeboard boat" ??? so who copied who there? just a thought

bog 07-14-2006 4:09 PM

they didnt invent the picklefork so how the hell could they patent it!?!!?!!?!?

stephan 07-14-2006 4:48 PM

Brian, have you tried to turn one of the newer Tige's? I pulled a tournament with one all day. It was the 24v and we had it loaded with 1500 pounds of ballast and the thing was impossible to turn. I had to slow down, turn an then speed back up, ridiculous!!

garret_s 07-17-2006 7:19 AM

Big Heavy- that is also a 24 foot boat. If you try the 22 or 20, its a whole different ballgame.

akdoc 07-17-2006 7:29 AM

Big Heavy, <BR> <BR>We have a Tige 24ve, it turns on a dime with 2000lbs. of ballast.

gmhdesign 07-17-2006 10:32 AM

I'd buy one of these boats if it had a flat black tower and an engine that ran on human blood! AHHHHHH KILL KILL KILLL!!!!! And Death Metal would be the only music allowed on board! Too Bad Satan Isn't an avid wakeboarder.

garret_s 07-17-2006 11:24 AM


07-17-2006 2:56 PM

Big Heavy, all inboards will "dump" like that when weighted when you have to make a sharp turn around like on private lakes. Tiges seem to me to not do it as bad as others.

talltigeguy 07-17-2006 6:57 PM

Big Heavy, <BR>So you couldn't do a power turn in the Tige? <BR>"I had to slow down, turn an then speed back up, ridiculous!!" <BR> <BR>Mine turns very well, even when weighted.

hamkj 07-17-2006 10:40 PM

This thread started off with the bashing of Tige going to a picklefork design similar to the X-Star. Just out of curiousity... what kind of boat do you own Brian Smith (roadking). I bet it looks similar to a lot of other boats out on the market... so does that make it a copy? Let me guess... pointy bow? windshield? squared off transom? how original is that? All boats have been designed off other similar designs. It is how you choose to work with it is what will determine if you have a winning design or not.

roughrivermike 07-18-2006 11:29 AM

Brian B, <BR>What tracking fins did MC get rid of? My 06 Xstar has them. Are you talking about the X1.

acurtis_ttu 07-18-2006 11:32 AM

mike, <BR> <BR>the skegs. aka tracking fins. I know the 06 x2 does not have them.

mitchj 07-18-2006 5:27 PM

the 06 X2 doent have them is correct and it sure could use them .

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