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bigboarder21 02-06-2012 11:27 PM

CS5 or Elements 10
I am trying to start a side photography business and I'm looking at photo programs to purchase besides just editing with iphoto and i know that CS5 has a lot that i would never use and elements is cheaper, but i'm afraid that elements would not do what i would like to do. I'm looking at doing sequence shots, being able to mess around with the colors stuff like that. any help would be greatly appreciated.

wakeboardertj 02-07-2012 4:12 PM

Get photoshop and do a few online tutorials, you'll be glad you did.

shawndoggy 02-07-2012 4:19 PM

sounds like you are using a mac? Pixelmator is pretty cheap and it will do layers / sequence shots / etc.

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