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08-21-2001 9:26 PM

hey every1 i was watchin the x games to day and when those guys fell the way they gout up was they had the whole board under the water i thought you had like half the board in and half the board out with the bottom facing the boat

08-22-2001 11:32 AM

First of all, when you get that experienced you could get up in a patch lillypads. They also may have been submarine starting, which just looks kool but is pretty hard.

from 11 year old kids to a guy in his 50's 08-22-2001 1:00 PM

The pros have such great board control they could get up facing backwards! There are lots of ways to get up, and what's best for you depends on your size, leg and arm strength, coordination, etc. In Sean Murray's video, he suggests keeping the board sideways to get up. I've found that it's harder to learn to get up that way. <BR> <BR>The way you describe is the way I teach people and I've taught 20+ people (from 11 year old kids to a guy in his 50's).

08-22-2001 1:16 PM

so what way do you think i bigginer should get up

08-22-2001 1:31 PM

You should be in a crouched position with your knees bent. Have your elbows outside of your knees and with your arms slightly bent and the handle close to the board. The boat should take off slowly then speed up - but the driver shouldn't hit it hard like with a skier. As the boat starts to pull you, turn you hips slightly and move your back foot almost underneath your butt. With this postion, just hold on and it should pull your right up. <BR> <BR>Take your time and don't fight the board. Let the boat pull you up and don't try to stand up too soon. You can also practice on dry land by putting the board on then having someone pull the rope. That will give you the feeling of the boat pulling you. <BR> <BR>Good luck. By the way, once you get up you'll probably get up first time every time. It's just a matter of learning the technique and getting the feel.

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