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boardman74 10-30-2012 6:14 PM

Rev8's and 10s on ebay
Just was on ebay and saw these and thought I would pass it along. Rev8's for $799 shipped and Rev 10's for $949 shipped. Thought that was a good deal.

Disclaimer: I just saw these on ebay...I have nothing to do with the seller just thought I would share!!

BrtnDan 10-31-2012 7:07 AM

seems a little suspicious.....I'm interested in Rev10s but I'm a little nervous. Can anyone confirm? Can you post the link?

jonblarc7 10-31-2012 7:37 AM


wetsounds1 10-31-2012 8:22 AM

From our site.

Please Note:
Wet Sounds™ products sold on any internet auction sites or unauthorized online site are not sold by a Certified Dealer. Any Wet Sounds™ product bought any way but through a Wet Sounds™ Certified Dealer or Authorized online retailer will have NO warranty. Please only purchase Wet Sounds™ products from an authorized dealer or authorized online retailer. Please contact Wet Sounds™ at info@wetsounds.com for any questions.

Please do not support these grey market ebay dealers. You have good reason to be suspicious. These are usually guys listing products they don’t have. Once they sell something, they go around and try to buy them out the back door of a dealer they know. Sometimes they are used or b stock. sometimes you never get the product. many times it is a bait and switch type deal. they put up products that are popular but protected like Wet Sounds and once you send them money, they will tell you that product is on backorder for 6 weeks but they have so and so product they can ship now.

It is just not worth it to save a little up front when it will cost you much more in the long run. The best thing to do is support your local dealer or one of our few authorized online retailers. They have the knowledge of the product. Can help with system design. Tech Support and after the sale support. Full warranty from us. As many know we bend over backwards to help our customers and dealers out. It makes it hard on us to have to tell someone, sorry you dont have a warranty because you bought it on ebay. Then we look like the bad guys. These ebay sales are bad news all the way around for everyone but the seller.

Wet Sounds

jonblarc7 10-31-2012 8:42 AM

I always wondered how they where authorized dealer on ebay, Now I know!

boardman74 10-31-2012 11:59 AM

I had no clue either. Just was trying to pass along a good deal. I am curious how there are over 50 new wetsounds items for sale on ebay, but none of them are legit? All the ones I checked were from obvious stereo product sellers with over a 1000 positive feedback and little or no negative. Wouldn't someone have caught on before now? Obviously to me they MUST have the product or they wouldn't have 1000's of positive feedback, people would be posting negative's if so. None of them are 0 feedback sellers or anywhere close.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not standing up for them nor did I realize they were doing anything wrong. Can't you do something about it legally if thats your policy? The ones I saw said new with full warranty. Thats alot of product to be coming from just a few back doors, who would have to be backdoors of your authorized dealers. Sounds like if this is the case you need to contact ebay. A few years ago I sold some "used" snap on tools. I put that the tools had a lifetime warranty because that is what snap on advertises. Snap on had ebay remove my listing with no warning because I said they offered a lifetime warranty. These guys are doing the same thing it seems like if they say it has warranty and you say it doesn't.

Again I am not siding with the ebay sellers, just seems like you need to contact ebay before alot of people buy the product and find out the hard way it was wrong. The average joe has no idea it's not legit. 99.9% of the world does not use WW. When people get warranty denied they are going to remember the name on the amp or speaker, not the ebayer who sold it to them. I won't be buying but alot of the people will and i will bet money they receive wetsounds product as I know some who have bought off ebay and none of them had any issues getting their items.

boardman74 10-31-2012 12:18 PM

I want to say this again because I can see the Flame coming. I simply saw these Items on Ebay. It was way cheaper than the Rev8's i just bought with my new boat thru Tige. I have not EVER purchased anything from any of these so called Grey dealers. Nor will I now. I'm just saying something needs to be done by Wetsounds to stop this or alot of people are going to be upset at wet sounds because they have no way of knowing this is not ok. Right now there are 27 active auctions for "new" wetsounds product. Some with multiple items like the 10 inch FA subs. All the ones I looked at stated warranty. I probably would have bought if my wife hadn't reminded me I don't get the boat till April!! I would have thought it was totally legit. I just feel like something needs to be done if it's not legit. Because like i said above I looked at the 1000's of positive feedback and it sure looks legit with alot of happy customers. I know from selling on there if your doing wrong they catch it QUICK, so these guys aren't getting complaints.

boardman74 10-31-2012 1:32 PM

The dealer is Ultra Audio out of Salida, California. Are they a dealer?? They have 1546 positive feedback and one negative. There are lots of positives from wetsounds auction winners. So they must have the product and be shipping it. They have sold tons of wetsounds stuff so if they are buying it from someones "backdoor" in the area shouldn't be tough to figure out who is selling so much. Trying to help so you can correct the problem, so fellow wakeboarders aren't getting burned!!

wakebrdr94 10-31-2012 1:58 PM

This is just speculation.......
Maybe it's an authorize dealer looking to move product. They've been sitting on them and they did not move as they had hoped. I never thought anything was wrong with these guys too. I purchased my whole system from a local shop through eBay on my old boat, and I actually had an issue with one of the amps and the dude switched it out, pretty cool dude. Now just he opposite, i purchased a car alarm from a stereo shop that had been around for years and had an "authorized dealer" sign in the window. When I had an issue, they told me to contact the manufacturer. I contacted them and was told I had no warranty because they were not an authorized dealer.

Point is, we as consumers have no idea about what is "legit" unless maybe we are buying out of the back of a van on the corner. If you are trying to tell me these guys can go buy some stuff from the back door or one of your dealers, then you have some questionable people you are doing business with representing your name. I would think if the audio industry really wanted to handle this issue, they could keep track or serial numbers and know what product goes where. But they don't because in the end it is all about moving product and the bottom line. Actually, this is the best case scenario for a company, because you've still sold your product, but claim no liability for it. I'm not implying Tim runs his operation in this manner, just making a general reference. There are a lot of car and audio places out there that sell the same stuff, and they all can't be authorized dealers, they have to be getting the stuff somewhere.

wetsounds1 10-31-2012 2:14 PM


No flames. You bring up some points that will be a good read for some.

If you look at our site, we clearly have the "internet warning" listed. Maybe i will make it larger and add it to the front page. But we do warn against these types of purchases. None of them mention warranty either. Woofers etc..gives you a 9 month warranty from them. Not the manufacturer. As they know there is no warranty. This holds true for many other audio companies. You can read JL Audio's notice on their site. It goes back to the old saying, "if it is too good to be true, it probably is"

Ebay has certain guidelines on what can and can't be done and what they will pull or won't pull, and for what reasons. We police the site all the time and are always in communication with ebay. If any of their rules are violated, then auctions are pulled. But it is not as simple as you think.

There are 25 active auctions. The others are not wet sounds parts but light kits and parts made to work for our products from others. 7 of those are Ultra Audio. Who is NOT, NO WAY a dealer. As I already explained we do NOT allow anyone to sell on ebay. 8 are from woofers etc. Again, NOT a dealer. The rest have one maybe two items or are used and sold from a consumer.

We are in a constant battle and Wet Sounds IS doing things about it.

1-we warn the consumer about this
2-we search ebay and get auctions pulled when we can if they violate the rules
3-we have strict agreements with our dealers
4-we carefully select our dealers.
5-we track our products
6-we buy product from these auctions and trace them to the original dealer. We have put a stop to some. But as you shut one down, another pop up. It is a constant battle.

So when we are able to cut the source for one of them. They find another source. It is an everyday fight to protect our brand and our products. So sometimes a good dealers is in tight times and lets some things go out the back. Sometimes we have found a CA seller was selling on ebay. We tracked the product to an east coast dealer. So you cant assume it is the guy down the road from the ebay seller. It is just not the case. some of these guys have contacts all over. Some of them have reps that work the streets and go to dealers to find out what brands they carry. And let them know if they want to sell to them, they are ready to buy.

You cut one of their sources off. A week or so later, they have found another.

Hope that helps.

Wet Sounds

boardman74 10-31-2012 3:31 PM

Thanks for the explanation. Things I would never have thought of. I didn't realize the audio business was so cut throat. At the prices listed it's hard to believe there is any money in it for the places that are doing this with your product. So to be "bootlegging" (love that word!!) your stuff, there must still be money to be made. Sucks that it is happening and worse that ebay won't just stop it. Like I said earlier I would never have thought there was anything wrong with it and a few others said the same. I found your warning when I went to the dealers section to see if Ultra was a dealer. I have been on the site a 100 times and never saw it..too buried. I think putting it on the front page would go a long way.

I just want to say thanks for the info. I wasn't in any way calling you out. I, like many others, were not aware of this stuff. I bought a Tige with wetsounds gear and will be adding to it with wetsounds gear. I will now be making sure that the additional sub and amps I buy come from legit places. Great product, keep it up. I suppose this is part of the business, but still sucks you have to deal with it.

david_e_m 10-31-2012 3:39 PM

The manufacturer is being completely up front about their policies.
The ebay supplier is deceptive. They know they are not acting as an authorized dealer and the product they sell will receive no support or warranty. Are they completely transparent? NO! Just ask for a factory-issued serial number on the product before ordering it and see how that goes. Generally the product is not in stock. Procurement begins after the order is in hand. Serial numbers are often defaced or may be replaced with false serial numbers.

If its not contrary to the manufacturers distribution policy as with many products then it's a non issue.

Just know the program for each brand in advance.

Earmark Marine

wakebrdr94 10-31-2012 4:19 PM

I am not saying Tim is being unethical by any means. His brand just happens to be the one being discussed. But I have bought and sold a lot on eBay and never had an issue. And again, I'm not saying wet sounds persay, but if look at almost any of the big Audio company's, they produce waaayyyy to. Many units that can be expected to sell from only "authorized dealers". The extra product goes somewhere. Is it realistic to think if they over produced by 5000 units they are going to sit on the product? Absolutely not. There appears to be. A lot of product available for non dealers. If a dealer is ordering 10000 units, then selling half to unauthorized dealers, I don't believe the manufacture is going to police that, as that can be a big portion of revenue from that dealer. As as stated before, ideal for the company. Still make the profit with no liability.

Tim is and has always been more than helpful with any information anyone wants. As much as I wish you guys success, I hope you don't become so large you become one of "those company's"

scottb7 10-31-2012 5:04 PM

This comes up for me from time to time...I feel that if the quality of the item is good I will take my chance on it not having a warranty. Ebay and paypal, and my credit card company will make sure I get authenticate product.

atlmobiuslsv 10-31-2012 6:48 PM

As a Dealer of Wetsounds in the Atlanta area I will say that Wetsounds has done a great job with protecting dealers from the internet fly by nights. These internet auctions and sites DO get product, usually from failing dealers or do the bait and switch method. As far as Wetsounds back dooring product that would be stupid. why dilute the brand for a quick dollar. plus they usually are out of product by mid season due to demand, so there would be no overstock to back door...lol

boardman74 10-31-2012 7:31 PM

No one said anything about wetsounds back dooring product. What Tim said is that some of the ebay product comes from dealers selling from the back doot to these ebay sellers. So it's the dealers doing it not wetsounds themselves.

scottb7 10-31-2012 7:37 PM

They protect dealers but they do sell on their own website, right?

jhartt3 10-31-2012 8:08 PM

wait so ya'll are paying 1500 dollars for one speaker... man i wish i had that kinda money... or the kinda money that i could blow 1k and call it a deal... this speaker has to do something more than produce sound.... how can it cost that much to manufacture... are americans building these by hand?.

boardman74 10-31-2012 8:18 PM

Rev8's and Rev10's are tower speakers and come as a pair for that price. Most would agree they are one of the best tower speakers on the market, but your right they are not cheap. As with anything I am sure there is a substantial markup.

jhartt3 10-31-2012 8:24 PM

affordable quality... that will drive the market. look at the fastest growing airline in the world. Its not about being the absolute best thing since sliced bread... its about discovering what people can buy and use for an affordable price. Thats just my take on this always overpriced audio market. How have we not figured out the speaker? i understand waterproofing takes research and range adds some cost but if you dont own a 30k boat or more i cant believe these would fit your budget ... to each his own...

atlmobiuslsv 10-31-2012 9:01 PM


Originally Posted by jhartt3 (Post 1792261)
affordable quality... that will drive the market. look at the fastest growing airline in the world. Its not about being the absolute best thing since sliced bread... its about discovering what people can buy and use for an affordable price. Thats just my take on this always overpriced audio market. How have we not figured out the speaker? i understand waterproofing takes research and range adds some cost but if you dont own a 30k boat or more i cant believe these would fit your budget ... to each his own...

this is why there are more than one option/solution in marine audio. you can fly for 99 dollars or you can fly first class. they both get you there but not with the same level of service or comfort. in the audio market you can buy cheap things that make sound or you can spend more and get a much better sounding/performing product. same goes for every industry. Wetsounds is an industry leader and is continually doing R&D on new products to stay as a front runner, this is why as a dealer i support them whole heartedly. they protect dealer margins and bring in new products that keep consumers wanting more. affordability will always have is place thats why we have economical options as well as more costly high performance solutions. Not everyone will feel the same or want or need the best so thats why there are many products out there.

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