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Bolo 06-22-2011 8:23 PM

Delta - Lodi / Elk Grove / Sac Friday 6/24
Gonna try and head to the Delta Friday afternoon. Anybody want to go? My boat or yours, let me know should be nice out there.

unclejessie 06-23-2011 8:45 PM

Looking for third for the sac river on friday. PM me.


jason_martin 06-24-2011 1:51 PM

I can ride this afternoon. I'm in Walnut Creek. -Jason 925-381-0546

06-25-2011 9:41 AM

I'm looking to ride this Monday if you're still looking for people. I live in Elk Grove and am usually available every Monday and Tuesday. I can launch, drive, etc....whatever you need done.

Bolo 06-25-2011 1:32 PM

Hey guys won't be able to get back out till maybe next weekend. I'll keep you both in mind though next time I go.

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