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08-08-2003 1:11 PM

which dvds/video is better at teaching. Higher education 1 and 2 or detention 1 and 2??

deepstructure 08-08-2003 6:34 PM

i think higher ed is a better overall instruction vid - but you can't go wrong with either.

08-17-2003 8:05 AM

I have both - I like both. I have found that each video will say something important that the other did not - or just expain something a little better than the other video. Problem is that it goes back and forth. If you want entertainment then Detention is the way to go. I think Higher Eduaction gives more examples of each trick - it has a better sound track too. Just toss a coin.

tantrum999 08-30-2003 5:42 PM

Higher education makes more sense. Shawn Murray messes about too much and does not explain the common problems.

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