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brian_young 08-13-2012 7:11 PM

Follow Handles
Any idea if there are any distributors here in the states? Would kind of like to check out their team handle, as it appears to be a re-make of the old school Accurate Premier handle. Followmenow.com

sideswipeproductions 08-13-2012 8:55 PM

I believe they're working on international distribution for next seasons range at the moment. I've done video work for the guys, they make great product and their 'follow family' vision really cool.

follow 08-20-2012 11:48 PM

we are shipping to the usa soon
We are currently working on a american distributor, we will be going to surf expo this year and the website will be able to be purchased international early October with the new range. Any questions info@followmenow.com.

In our research the old musk stick was one of the most love eva grip through history, We believe if its not broken don't fix it! So thats why it will always have a place in our range, my personal first handle was this grip and i still love it.

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