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greatdane 03-10-2003 5:23 PM

Pheaton's latest tower speaker array with 4 5.25 speakers has me thinking... <BR> <BR>BTW, Pheaton, that speaker setup looked awesome (the one on the barney boat). <BR> <BR>So, my questions: <BR> <BR>1) Are 4 5.25" speakers better than 2 6.5" speakers? <BR>2) Are 4 5.25" speakers better than 2 6x9 speakers? <BR>3) If 4 speakers are used, how important is it to wire them separately vs in parallel? <BR>4) Is there twice the sound production from 4 5.25" speakers compared to 2 5.25" speakers? <BR> <BR>Thanks.

bob 03-10-2003 7:32 PM

doug has mentioned in the past you need to double the power to get a 3db increase in audio, dont know if that will help or not?? You would think more surface area for more audio but most are only running little 5.25 or 6.5" speakers on their tower??

greatdane 03-10-2003 9:24 PM

I thought the cone size was about the wave that it can produce - tweeter, midrange, woofer, etc... <BR> <BR>So, for tower speakers, from the standpoint of projecting to the rider, I was thinking that 4 5.25" speakers is probably much better than 2 larger speakers. <BR> <BR>But, I am just guessing. I am an audio novice.

ralph 03-10-2003 11:16 PM

Bob, remember the db scale is not linear, a 20db sound is 10x louder than a 10 db sound, so a 3db increase is quite a lot. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ralph on March 10, 2003)

typhoon 03-11-2003 7:35 AM

You have more surface area with 4 of the 5.25's. You will be crossing them over pretty high for tower speakers so the lower frequencies will not be playing through the 6.5's or the 6x9's anyway. The 5.25's will be louder if you use 4. <BR>"There is no replacement for displacement."

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