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daniel_g_smith 09-14-2004 4:59 PM

Ok so i already asked about the temet but this is something else im thinking about <BR> <BR>i hear this board is sweet but i also heard that its kinda slick if your not just cutting all the time and i was wondering if i would like this board even though everytime i go i dont cut all that hard all the time <BR>

spinsir 09-14-2004 5:33 PM

i have an 04 Parks DNA 143, it has the abrupt 3-stage rocker so it has a big flat spot in the center of the board and it can be slick but i love it. if i can ride it anyone can ride it, now whether you like it or not is another question. i have no problem with it and it doesn't really require a hard cut but it will throw you on the setup if you aren't used to that type of rocker. i say demo one if you can. maybe also consider a HL Premier model if you like a more subtle rocker type.

aaronlee13 09-14-2004 5:37 PM

Parks is a hit and miss with people. Some love it, others hate it... I hated it... I reccomend to demo before you buy that board

daniel_g_smith 09-14-2004 5:40 PM

Ok thanks i might just get the preimer my brother has a 2004 and i might get the 2005 but if anyone would like to try to talk me into buying a parks ill listen

aaronlee13 09-14-2004 6:37 PM

boards i would looking into are the CWB absolute, gonzalos board, or harris randy board, lf team board... all great boards

jwb 09-14-2004 8:21 PM

i have an 03 parks which is basically the same thing... <BR>i absolutly love it but i agree with what was said earlier...it is a hit and miss

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