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seth25 02-12-2014 1:46 PM

14" Replacement Wheels
Looking to replace the stock wheels on my 05 Mastercraft X45. Going back to stock 14" sizing as my tires are good, and I have clearance issues going with a bigger wheel. Anyone have pics of aftermarket 14" wheels on their rig?


Cabledog 02-12-2014 1:59 PM

try this guy, Peter G. Biever - ermail - tiresplease@gmail.com . 100.00 for the rim shipped to my door or 195 for rim & tire.

Cabledog 02-12-2014 2:01 PM

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^^^ heres the rim

seth25 02-12-2014 2:11 PM

Thank you. I've been talking to him, hoping to see some real world shots of that wheel on a wake boat.

BenHolloway 02-12-2014 2:20 PM

Recstuff.com seems to have good prices on rims...

h20king 02-12-2014 3:13 PM

I went 16 inch I'll post pics when i get home

MIKEnNC 02-12-2014 4:05 PM

Looks like the wheels used on ramlin trailers. They look alright but not all that. Google image search ramlin trailers if u want to see on a trailer

h20king 02-12-2014 6:53 PM

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Here you go same wheel but in a 16"

downfortheride 02-12-2014 8:28 PM

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I have the same for my MB and don't mind the look at all. They are a bugger to clean though with the sharp edges...
Attachment 34083
Attachment 34084

MBofTexas 02-12-2014 9:25 PM

Bling bling. I need a new DFTR decal

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seth25 02-13-2014 1:51 PM

Are the wheels on the MB 14"?

Cabledog 02-13-2014 3:23 PM

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heres a pic with 14", the 18" are nicer but the 14" can go over a curb without scuffing up the rims.

fman 02-13-2014 5:07 PM

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Here is a pic of my 14's, I think the 18's look much better, but the 14's don't look too bad either. I went with a 14 because I needed a little more clearance to fit the boat in my garage. They do also offer a bit more wheel protection if you curb it.

Here is a link to a good supplier with a lot of choices in all different size wheels:

downfortheride 02-13-2014 10:29 PM


Bling bling. I need a new DFTR decal
You know I know a person that has one!

downfortheride 02-14-2014 4:43 PM


Are the wheels on the MB 14"?
I would say yes but my MB is in winter storage and wont see if for a month or so...

blackstang 02-14-2014 5:02 PM


Originally Posted by seth25 (Post 1864823)
Are the wheels on the MB 14"?

In one of the pics you can read the tire size, yes they are 14"

downfortheride 02-15-2014 1:16 PM

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Couple more pics of the rims in use...

Attachment 34101

Attachment 34102

seth25 02-20-2014 7:53 PM

I like it. Got the T-07 on order

seth25 03-05-2014 8:47 PM

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New wheels are on.

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