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wakeboy01 05-10-2010 4:16 PM

Air Nautique Weight / Ballast
I'm wondering how people w/ an Air Nautique direct drive weight their boats in regards to lbs and where in the boat. Also if you have any sacs in the rear compartment or ski locker what kind did you get to fit in there? Thanks!

gotwake133 05-11-2010 7:59 AM

I have a 2001 Pro Air Nautique, I put a 440 sack in the back locker, then 2 440's on the sides of engine, along with a 500 sack in the bow, I sometimes put a 250 sack in the locker. In order to get the sack in the locker to fit all the way, I usually just don't fill it all the way, I can get it just about all the way full, it is a Straight line 440 sack. What year and model is your boat?

wakeboy01 05-11-2010 10:13 AM

99 Air Nautique. Thanks for the info!

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