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phaeton 06-29-2003 8:29 PM

Well on Saturday I started trying to throw inverts. <BR> <BR>1 Gainer attemp: I have to work on better control outside the wake I got 2/3rds the way aroung but very little air. <BR> <BR>4 wake roll attemps. I get about 1/2- 3/4 thru when the rotation stops. Makes for big body slams and sore body. Can't wait for the Seattle crew to show up this week for some pointers. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.Wake-Me.com" target="_blank">www.Wake-Me.com</a>

magic 06-29-2003 10:15 PM

Nice!!! Under roating that Gainer is a great start. Many people I have seen trying gainers for the 1st time over rotate badly. Work on your air jumps, think of crunching the tip of your board to your chest, then look back for the flip. During the gainer, keep your handle hand straight out and keep that free hand in. I put my free hand on my knee as I take off. If you swing your arms around you will over rotate very fast. <BR> <BR>I'd try air rolls instead of wake rolls. I'll bring my impact vest with. I makes those impacts easier to shake off. <BR> <BR>I can not wait for Shasta!!!!!!

wiltok 06-30-2003 6:50 AM

Phaeton, <BR> <BR>I'm with ya' - tried my first dismount gainer on Saturday (and have a sore neck to prove it!). Rotated about 3/4 way around - not bad. I closed my eyes (instinctively I guess) as I came around opened them just in time to see the water - about 6 inches from my face! Felt good though...

kirk 06-30-2003 8:28 AM

Phaeton, <BR>Where do you ride?

phaeton 06-30-2003 9:18 AM

Prineville Resevior, Billy somethimes, Shasta when I can.

06-30-2003 11:02 AM

Pheaton and Keith. How are you at the 'dip &amp; pop'? You really want that style of jump down pat before ariels. Mucho easier.

wiltok 06-30-2003 3:30 PM

Matt, <BR> <BR>I think my dip and pop is pretty good - yet I'm not getting all that much air in the flats. I would say the foil wing is 3-4 feet off the water. Do you think that is high enough for a gainer or wake roll? <BR> <BR>-Keith

06-30-2003 3:55 PM

I think it's high enough to start with. Is your speed around 24mph? It may help get a crisper take off.

magic 06-30-2003 4:08 PM

just remember to jump first then flip/invert. Phaeton, we'll get Gramps to show ya here in a few days!!!

bill_airjunky 07-03-2003 5:50 PM

On your air jumps, try cutting out hard &amp; doing the dip jump while your still in the cut. Don't wait &amp; sit up, your just loosing your foil speed &amp; possibly your tight line.

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