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alteczen 07-25-2005 8:44 AM

I'm looking for some pointers from some good spinners. I have no problems with my 180's and <BR>I have heelside and toeside 3's down. Now I'm looking to take them to 5's. <BR> <BR>My 3's seem really slow when spinning despite having plenty of height. Such that I finish the final 180 just as I'm beginning to land. I'm looking to spin a little bit faster and have tried to pull harder / spin faster only to end up pulling myself offaxis. <BR> <BR>Any tips as to how to spin faster so that I have time to take it to a 5?

07-25-2005 9:07 AM

for ts 5's practice landing crossed up 180's (new front hand off handle). this gets you used to how you have to push the handle across your body to untwist that last 180. once you get to the peak of your height on your jump, pull really hard with both hands to your back hip, then spin fast and glue your chin to your front shoulder. <BR> <BR>for a hs 5, you have to pitch over a little when you start to spin so you land over your toes. practice 180s like this... once you pop off the wake, take off your back hand, before you hit the water, grab with your back hand and spin it 180. thats what it will feel like for the last 180. <BR> <BR>learning all your 180's switch and regular wouldnt hurt either.

stephan 07-26-2005 2:02 PM

if you are pulling yourself off axis it sounds like you are trying to spin it off the wake. You gotta be really patient with these and do the pass &amp; spin in one fluid motion. Don't hink about a 3 with a 180 at the end. Think about 5 the whole way around and just keep spinning. Toeside 5 is actually easier than a TS 3. You can do it with only one handle pass as Cody said but it's good practice and looks better to pass it back into your front hand. Practice grabbing your 3 and you will start to get the hang of board control &amp; how to much time you have. It's all worth it cuz when you stick a 5 it feels incredible!!!

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