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polarbill 09-30-2011 1:42 PM

6 month Anniversery gift suggestions
So this weekend is me and my girlfriends 6 month anniversery. Yeah I know, I am waiting to the last minute. I need some suggestions on Jewelry items to get her. I am thinking of getting her something pretty modest. Maybe a matching pendent necklase, earrings. Not sure if small diamonds are appropriate, pearls, etc....???? I have no idea. Just so you know We are both 30, so not some high school/college fling, and this is most likely going to be the girl that I am going to marry. What kind of help can you guys give me.

psudy 09-30-2011 1:47 PM

Six months? How about a mop?

sidekicknicholas 09-30-2011 1:56 PM


this is most likely going to be the girl that I am going to marry
Get her a ring then.

polarbill 09-30-2011 2:09 PM


Originally Posted by psudy (Post 1711566)
Six months? How about a mop?

Sounds good to me. Not sure she would like it too much though.

psudy 09-30-2011 2:32 PM

It was a joke Brett. Of course if you get her one and she doesn't leave you, you know you have a keeper!

polarbill 09-30-2011 2:37 PM


Originally Posted by psudy (Post 1711585)
It was a joke Brett. Of course if you get her one and she doesn't leave you, you know you have a keeper!

I know and very true.

misteve 09-30-2011 2:41 PM

Tiffany's is always a good bet in my lady's book. They have some pretty affordable stuff too if you aren't trying to break the bank. I almost forgot a gift for my fiance's birthday last month, and swung by Tiffany's at Bellevue square and grabbed something on my way home. The have

Riteride 09-30-2011 3:17 PM

Get her some fake roses and tell her they will last forever just like your love for her...:D

hatepain 09-30-2011 3:32 PM

6 monthaversary :) I don't know that a gift is in order but a nice dinner date probably is, maybe some flowers. I love giving gifts an may be guilty of leaning on that to much. Fact is most woman just want to be treated special and to be shown how much they matter to you. If you want to go the gift route, scour your brain there has to be something she has mentioned in passing that would show her you care enough to listen.

lizzyb 09-30-2011 3:39 PM

I personally think a gift like that is a bit much for a 6 month anniversary. I also think a nice dinner is perfectly acceptable.

polarbill 09-30-2011 3:54 PM

Thanks everybody. We have probably moved along a little faster then the typical 6 month relationship so that is probably why I was thinking about some modest jewelry. I was litterally thinking something like $100 necklace or a pair of $100 earrings or something. Something nice that she will wear but not crazy. That is why I am thinking even if they are cheaper diamond earrings are probably too much. I could go another way. She is hiking the grand canyon in a month or so and I could get her something from REI. Jsut not sure what is a good gift for hiking. I am not sure 100% what she has or needs as well. Gene Juarez gift card too impersonal?

bcrider 09-30-2011 4:38 PM

I wouldn't think you need to buy a gift for being together for six months either. I know I never did it for my now wife. As you said your not in highschool. Not saying your not allowed to get her something. Just don't think it's required. Does she need hiking shoes, poles, camel pack or something? Take her out to Wild Ginger. My wife and I love that place.

cwb4me 10-01-2011 7:08 AM

I can't believe your asking wakeworld what to get your girlfriend.But jewelry always is good.How about a bracelet or a watch.Maybe even a necklace.Save the ring till your going to ask her to marry you.

diamonddad 10-01-2011 8:50 AM

IMO, 6 months is worth celebrating because it likely means something good is happening. I think a nice evening out to celebrate makes the most sense. I worry that buying a "big" gift at 6 months seems rather desperate. Will she be buying you a gift too? If so, then you should reciprocate. Otherwise, I would keep it light and fun.

cadunkle 10-01-2011 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by hatepain (Post 1711609)
6 monthaversary :) I don't know that a gift is in order but a nice dinner date probably is, maybe some flowers.

^ This. A gift just for 6 mos? Nice dinner, or spend the day doing something fun you don't do often or she has expressed an interest in, or do something/go somewhere you guys went early on and haven't done in a while. She'll likely appreciate the significance. I hate arbitrary expectations for gifts or things like that at odd times, I prefer the "just because" gift or activity every now and again when I'm feeling happy or generous. But then I'm single (and enjoying it) so take what I say with a grain of salt. :p

jason_ssr 10-02-2011 7:37 AM

Remember, you are going to have to top it with every subsequent gift into purpetuity. Start small. Since you seem to be celebrating bi-annually, I suggest you start with a peppermint, and work up from there.

brettw 10-02-2011 3:59 PM

New wakeboard - although it should wait until 1 year since 6 mos. isn't a real anniversary date.

trace 10-03-2011 8:51 AM

Acknowledge the event, and suggest a casual dinner out. Anything more reeks of desperation IMO. And, if she expects more than that, RUN.

brett33 10-03-2011 8:57 AM

^^ Agreed. Spend the cash on a "special night out."

bcrider 10-03-2011 10:18 AM

I suggest you start with a peppermint, and work up from there.

When my wife and I first started dating I had a booster seat made for her that matched the interior of my boat. She couldn't see over the bow when people were surfing or riding very well. She loved the gift!

diamonddad 10-03-2011 10:32 AM

Trace nailed it.

guido 10-03-2011 11:08 AM

Dinner and some nice flowers. Anything more is (IMO) too much for 6 months. Just take some time together to acknowledge that you've really enjoyed her company. That should do it.

polarbill 10-03-2011 11:34 AM

Thanks guys. We ended up heading out to my families summer cabin on puget sound for a nice relaxing weekend together. We went for a nice 4.5 mile hike(she is getting ready to hike the grand caynon) Saturday morning, watched UW throttle Utah and then went out to a nice dinner that evening. I also got her some backpacking/hiking essentials for her Grand Canyon Trip. She wasn't really expecting more then nice weekend, just the 2 of us, and a romantic dinner together. She was really surprised about the hiking gear and really loved it. I think you were all right., any kind of jewelry is a little over the top/desperate at this point. Everything went really really well as is and I even ended up with tickets for us to go to a Seahawks game. Hopefully the Ravens don't kick their butt too bad.



hatepain 10-03-2011 2:22 PM

Good on you buddy.

PictureMeRollin 10-03-2011 4:01 PM

Give her a pearl necklace.

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