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08-25-2001 1:46 AM

I am going to gtry these for the first time this weekend and I need some tips. Thx

08-28-2001 5:39 PM

all i can tell u for a backroll is to <BR>-edge hard through wake <BR>-push hips up and out when u come off wake <BR>-bite lip <BR>-hang on <BR>-don't crash <BR> <BR>i don't have any tips for a front flip, but at least i can help u a little

if you are regular stance - reverse if you are goofy stance 08-28-2001 6:35 PM

Matt, <BR> <BR>For the Backroll edge all the way through the wake. Once you pop off the wake do the following <BR> <BR>- Say 1001 <BR>- Turn Head up and to the left, (if you are regular stance - reverse if you are goofy stance) <BR>- Keep your elbows in and hold the rope in. Don't allow your hands to extend out. <BR>- Once you are descending spot your landing and hold on. <BR> <BR>Good luck - I've just started throwing the broll and the trantrum over the last week. Haven't landed them yet but I'm getting pretty close. Hopefully this will change over the next couple of days. <BR> <BR>Later.

08-28-2001 7:25 PM

Matt, <BR>Look under the discussions for "no guts no glory". I posted a pic of my first attempt and got lots of feed back one what to correct. <BR> <BR>Good luck

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