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gatorsactions 07-26-2004 4:05 PM

Hi guys, <BR> <BR>I'm in the process of deciding between either an 05 X2 or an 05 Xstar. What I'm wondering about is whether or not I would need the LQ9 in the Xstar or if the MCX would be enough for the boat. Either way, I think I would at least get the MCX for either boat just wasn't too sure about the LQ9. Any thoughts or reccomendations? <BR> <BR>thanks

antbug 07-26-2004 4:23 PM

My buddy bought an 04 X2 with the MCX and loves it. <BR> <BR>He thought about the X Star (too much $$$) but would have bought it with the LQ9. If you are going to put additional weight in the boat, go with the LQ9.

the_love_muscle 07-26-2004 5:22 PM

I have the LQ9 in my 03 X-Star. It's a great engine, but it is not any heavier. The LQ9 has an aluminum head which actually makes it a little lighter. I put A LOT of extra weight in my boat, so I down pitched the prop to an 18 from a 20.

cdm 07-26-2004 11:23 PM

I owned the 00' X-Star LTR 330hp and now the 03' X-Star. Both are great boats but I could never go back to the old 205V. for a lot of reasons. Anyway... I added 4 more sacs to the stock ballast tanks for a total of ~2800+lbs plus 2 leadheadz + people. 5 jebsco pumps 3 tanks 4 bags 5 switches. pics to follow later. I have the MCX and an ACME 13.5 X 16 4 blade prop. This is a must!! The boat is doggie with the stock prop. This boat doesn't have that "over the hill" feeling out of the hole like some other boats. With my configuration it takes only a few seconds to smoothly get up to speed. IMO the AMCE 13.5 X 16 paired with the MCX is the wisest investment dollar for power. Im glad my dealer talked me out of the upgrade! If I was to do it again and UPGRADE Id take the plunge - L-18!!

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