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bboozer 06-19-2021 5:03 PM

1st time ever on a boat lift
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So, today was the 1st time I have ever had our boat on a boat lift. We decided to ride up the lake today with a friend... The water was pretty rough and a storm was on the way. So our little '07 Wakesetter VLX isn't as rough water worthy as my buddy's 2015 Wakesetter 22 MXZ... so we put our boat on his lift and went up the lake, but it looked good there especially with the the Wake World Decal...

spicychalupa69 06-19-2021 5:59 PM

Super clean color on that 07 brother. Looks great for 14 years old. Good for you!

bboozer 06-20-2021 4:15 AM

Thanks... We are fortunate to have a garage to keep it in. And we put it in on Friday or Saturday and then pull it back out on Sunday and wipe it down and put it back in the garage. I did just have all the skins redone this past winter. Most of it was still in great shape, but a few seams were starting to rip and we had some bad spots on the rear hatches... But for our 15th summer with it, and almost 1000 hours on it, it is still in great shape...

denverd1 06-22-2021 8:05 AM

really good shape, nice rig

mark197 06-22-2021 12:41 PM

Nice Ride! Quickest way to age a boat is to start storing it on a lift. When we went from trailering to a lake house I was blow away at how much harder it was to keep the boat spotless.

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