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dcervenka 12-04-2010 5:24 PM

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The following items are in excellent condition and need to find a new home that will actually use them. ;) The only reason I'm selling them is because I have less and less time to shoot & edit video, so it's time to pass the torch to the next generation of wakeboard film producers. :D

Please post up here if you're interested or email me at: dpcfilms (at) yahoo (dot) com

*All items include FREE ground shipping to the lower 48 states*

Z-Finder 3x - version 2** $275

The Z-Finder Pro 3x is another one of Zacuto’s Optical Viewfinders that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. It offers 3x focusable magnification,a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, an eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage, a diopter and a field of view perfectly matched to 3” LCD screens.

1 x Z-Finder 3x
1 x lanyard

** version 3 is out ($395) and offers some sort of de-fogging lens covers. I've never had any issue with this z-finder fogging up, but then again I live in California where it's always sunny and warm...

*** does NOT include the mounting frame because I already mounted it to my Canon 7D. You can purchase a new one here for only $6.00: http://store.zacuto.com/Z-Finder-Mounting-Frame.html

indiFOCUSpro - $200

The indiFOCUSpro is a height adjustable, closed gearbox, low noise, extremely low backlash, follow focus. This comes with a three sets of gears OR you can use the softwheel on *any* lens without having to worry about mounting the gears.

1 x indiFOCUSpro
1 x Rail mount
3 x Gears
1 x Softwheel (allows you to use the indiFous without the gears on almost any lens!)
1 x Cine-Pitch Driver Gear
1 x set of tall height adjustment screws
1 x set of medium height adjustment screws
1 x set of small height adjustment screws
5 x allen keys

VidLED - coolLED-40 $150

Super Bright LED light. Runs a loooong time of the Varizoom battery.

1 x VidLED - #5203-CW40
1 x Varizoom Battery
1 x Gel/filter Pack for VIDLED lights

Adobe Production Suite CS2 (Commercial version) for Windows PC - $80

This is the real deal.. NO Academic version, upgrade, etc.. With this version you're eligible for ALL upgrades to the latest version and a discounted price.

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2
adobe Audition 2.0
Adobe Encore DVD 2.0
Adobe Illustrator CS2
with Dynamic Link & Adobe Bridge

Plus an Adobe Training Video set.

Steve_Bates 12-05-2010 10:19 AM

If you have a DSLR and you shoot video, the Z-Finder is a must. There are many other viewfinder brands that are cheaper, but they can't hold a candle to the quality.
If you can't afford it, sell a kidney.

dcervenka 12-06-2010 12:04 AM

Thanks Steve - Yes, it's a must have.. along with the follow focus and the light, and...

deltawake 12-20-2010 1:10 PM

Anyone wanna buy a kidney??

dcervenka 12-21-2010 11:29 PM

I might be willing to take a trade assuming your kidney is in good shape.

dcervenka 01-14-2011 2:11 PM

The Z-finder has been SOLD.

The other two items are still up for grabs.

dcervenka 01-24-2011 10:06 PM

The VIDLED has been sold.

indiFOCUSpro is still up for grabs... yo! get your tack sharp focus and shallow DOF with this one.

dakid 01-24-2011 11:30 PM

i'd buy it, but then i'd have to buy a whole new camera for it...unless you throw in the 7d, then yeah!

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