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blindsiderider 05-09-2004 2:07 PM

I just wanted to thank everyone at the Canyon Lake wakeboard Club for the great time and hospitality. I am glad my dad wanted to make that drive from Clovis We got there at midnight on Friday and got back home at midnight on Sat but it was worth it. It was fun to see what level kids my age are riding at and I can tell that the So Cal boys know how to throw down. I can tell that I will need to keep practicing if I want to keep up with the Team Havoc riders. I have only know how to swim for 3 years and I have been wakeboarding for 14 months so with a little practice maybe I can keep up. I can hardly wait until the 12th and 13th for the next competitions. Once again thanks to everyone and see everyone next time.

dakid 05-09-2004 2:49 PM

Tony, I was in complete awe of your run! Everything you did was stylie, big and super clean. Personally, I was surprised you didn't take 1st. <BR> <BR>I'll make a short vid of yesterday, including your HUGE Hoocie off the double-up and email you the link once it's uploaded.

teamvaldez 05-09-2004 3:52 PM

Tony, I am glad that you made the trip out, what a great day huh?? Joe, it was great to finally meet you and Frankie!! <BR>Also, the infamous Sean Jackson, thanks for coming and hanging out! <BR>Man, there was some great riding yesterday, you can sooo tell people are training harder than ever, matter of fact thats where we are headed right now! Happy Mothers Day!!

priapism 05-10-2004 12:18 AM

Is that the infamous or the in famous (plagiarized, courtesy of The Three Amigos). <BR> <BR>The pleasure was all mine. It was very good for my soul to be able to be at the contest. Jeff, thanks for allowing me to hone my driving skills at the expense of the novice class riders. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>There truly was some amazing riding going down in all of the classes. Sheryl and Gretchen tore it up, Tony threw one of the sickest double-ups I have ever seen in any contest, and it seemed like almost every rider was going inverted! <BR> <BR>There was a rider that hurt himself (left knee) while doing a raley, I think his name was Thomas (sorry if I got that wrong). I just wanted to wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Unfortunately I know his pain. <BR> <BR>The CLC rocks!

teamvaldez 05-10-2004 6:48 AM

Sean, that was Thomas Davis, he is one of the organizers of the Spring Valley contests and a truly nice guy! <BR>Sean, you are sooo right Cheryl and Gretchen rode better than I have ever seen and I was so happy to see Tyler Killingsworth win the open division. There was definatley some awesome riding on Saturday. <BR>Next month, marathon weekend, Canyon Lake on Saturday the 13 and Spring Valley on the 14th!

blindsiderider 05-10-2004 7:29 AM

Hey TeamValdez you guys rock. I can see that the bar has been set very high. I will continue to practice so maybe I can keep up. I will be at the big marathon weekend hope to see alot more people from wakeworld out there it is fun to meet everyone.

thane_dogg 05-10-2004 9:54 AM

Tony - that hoochie off the double-up was probably the sickest trick I saw all day. <BR> <BR>I finally got to meet Sean and Joe. We on for tomorrow guys?

dakid 05-10-2004 10:44 AM

sent you guys an email

wakestar8878 05-10-2004 11:21 AM

Yeah I had lots of fun also. Although it was the worst I placed in a long time, but thats what being on the injured list for 7 weeks does to you i guess. I think I must have untangled what seemed to be a thousand ropes. <BR> <BR>Joe - Nice to finally meet you. <BR> <BR>Thane Dogg - It was cool hanging out with you. I'll get the details on the river trip this weekend. If your still interested, let me know.

dakid 05-10-2004 11:26 AM

Hey, I'm interested for Saturday! Got room for 2?

blindsiderider 05-10-2004 12:39 PM

Joe We did not get the Email I just sent you one can you please resend yours? <BR> <BR>Thane Thanks Man I had a great time.

wakestar8878 05-10-2004 2:27 PM

Hey Joe, <BR> <BR>Sorry buddy, but with Thane going that pretty much fills up our boat. If anything changes I'll let you know, but I know with your skills, you're sure to find a ride this weekend. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

dakid 05-10-2004 3:52 PM

Cool dude...hook Frankie and me up next time!

malibuman 05-10-2004 5:13 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/169815.jpg" alt=""> <BR>Is this the HUGE DOUBLE UP that you all been talking about? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by malibuman on May 10, 2004)

corey_marotta 05-10-2004 5:26 PM

The Spy Boat is not afraid to serve up a helping of large.

malibuman 05-10-2004 7:01 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/169827.jpg" alt=""> <BR>This Boat!

socalwakepunk 05-10-2004 7:14 PM

Aaron! Another great shot with the power line in the background (like that one of Aaron Grace). <BR> <BR>Alliance, Jack Blodgett, Jason Buffalow, you guys probably best be marking down the name Tony Carroll. You will be needing it real soon!! Great ride, Tony! <BR> <BR>Thank you (insert everyone's name here) for the great day <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>!

blindsiderider 05-10-2004 9:01 PM

Hey thanks Jeff <BR> <BR>Aaron great shot can you e mail me a copy of the raw pic? <BR> <BR>all I have to say is Canyon lake is the shizzle

jrad 05-11-2004 8:23 AM

Hey, the tournament was a blast. Didn't ride to great but still had an awesome time. I love the atmosphere of the tournaments. All i have to say is Tyler "killing it" killingsworth. his run was sick. Hey eddie v., have you landed that ts bs 180 yet?

jrad 05-11-2004 8:24 AM

jeff, thanks a million for letting me stay with your family again. Tackle that backroll.

teamvaldez 05-11-2004 12:13 PM

Hey Jared!! great to see you again, so glad that you are going to be up north with the kids for the Outlaw camp. I will ask Eddie when he gets home from school about the ts bs 180. They went out riding yesterday in the winds. Henry is re thinking that as to not have any injuries. Just heard from Thomas Davis that he has torn his ACL. Please send a prayer up for him, he is having a MRI soon to confirm. Keep the faith Thomas! <BR>And Sean, you havn't ridden in how long?? You can't expect too much. You are such a valuable member of the CLWC. You are such a HUGE help and we are all so happy that you are getting better!! Hugs, robyn <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by teamvaldez on May 11, 2004)

cws_kahuna 05-11-2004 12:27 PM

Aaron, <BR> <BR>Those are some gret shots man, your camera is plain awesome. <BR> <BR>Joe U &amp; Sean Jackson, <BR> <BR>It was very cool meeting you guys. Sean get healed up ASAP man, I think you did great driving by the way. <BR> <BR>I did not get to meet Thayne or Tony Carroll but hopefully next time. <BR> <BR>Jared, <BR> <BR>I hope your drive home was good, I wish I could have gone riding with you guys after the contest, but at least I spotted Jeffs dog for you guys, LOL <BR> <BR>

teamvaldez 05-11-2004 1:25 PM

Hey Richard!! didn't get to talk to you much on Saturday, but it was good to see you for a second anyway!! <BR>Aaron, your shots are awesome as always, we HAVE to do something about that dang phone line huh?? hugs, robyn

wakestar8878 05-11-2004 3:15 PM

Robyn, <BR> <BR>Thanks for the compliment, I'm definitley trying to do what I can. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>I know I can't expect much. Its just good to see all the upcoming talent (such as your boys, Sean Teagarden, AJ, Nathan Smith, just to name a few of my favorites) and all the smiling faces out there. <BR> <BR>BTW: Its these Wakeboard moms out there such as: Robyn, who I believe we all owe a great deal gratitude. Because its these wakemoms that care of us all, keeping us fed, hydrated, healthy, and almost always doing it with a smile on there face. So I'd like to give a big WakeWorld thanks to all the wakemoms out there. Thanks Robyn Valdez, Kathy Escalera, Leslie Escalera, Cindy Frew, and the rest I forgot.

teamvaldez 05-11-2004 3:43 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>Thanks Shawn, your sweet!

jrad 05-12-2004 10:48 PM

hey richard, i wish you went out with us to. Jeffs natique was dishen out some love. I can't believe how good those valdez kids are going to be. It was a blast riding with them. Thanks for seeing the dogs, who knows where roxy would have ended up. <BR> <BR>Hey shawn w., remember to give me a call if you come up to your moms house. 805-434-3767. Nice seeing you again, and i bet your stoked you can ride again. Prayers go out to Thomas Davis. Peace

deepstructure 05-13-2004 12:30 AM

hey shawn, good to hear you're riding again!

wakestar8878 05-14-2004 8:56 AM

Thanks Chris, now if I could only get all my tricks nailed again. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

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