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tuneman 06-08-2012 8:47 AM

A 360 tip that may help you out
Seems to always be talk of what board to get on here, but not a lot of tips to actual surfing. So, I'll throw this one out:

I was surfing (surf style) last night and was again struggling with 3s. I'd go 180 and the fins would catch and game over. I was getting very frustrated because I did 3s last year and haven't rode away from one this year.

Then I made the discovery. My back foot wasn't back far enough. If your back foot is ahead of the fins, you'll end up pushing the fins sideways into the water, which will put on the brakes. Move your foot all the way back and behind the fins and now the fins become the piviot point to help you spin. Made all the difference in the world for me:)

johnboyy7 06-08-2012 10:00 AM

Great thread. Would love to see more of this. Good tip

So any tips on getting air?

tonyv420 06-08-2012 10:07 AM

throw your hands in the air at same time you ollie! for bigger air, and great tip on the 3!

ReSession 06-10-2012 5:52 AM

I am working with my buddy on his airs and he continuously attempts to ollie too early, and loses all the energy to pop off the wave. For regular footers, I recommend a wide stance (like you're doing a squat) and really staying low and wind up like a spring. Get the speed from back in the wave by getting up on top of the wave and dropping down into the trough, do one pump and carve up into the side of the wave with your wide and low stance, ready to pop off. Your hands/arms are also important and should be used to help propel your energy UP! The ollie is the most important part and you'll need to work on the 1-2 step (first bringing your front leg up, sucking your knee up like you're trying to knee yourself in the face!). As the nose of the board starts to go up, now is the point where you need to be ready for the POP off the lip of the wave (which requires timing on your part, otherwise you'll attempt to pop too early and 'sandwich yourself' and waste all your energy). With your front knee and nose of board up as high as possible, now you need to use that back leg and kick off that wave and then bring up that back leg to the same height as your front leg, allowing the board and your body to be on the same level. Left knee up, max your height, then bring that right knee and leg up to same level...you should be able to do this in one motion keeping in mind that both feet will be off the ground, like a galloping horse!

Once you start taking flight, you'll need to get prepped for your landing and banana peeling can be common at first. Just remember to bend your knees and look for your landing, more weight should be placed on your back leg with the intention of landing tail-first and using the tail to put on the brakes as you come down the ramp of the wave, to keep from going into the platform.

I had a chance to ride with Chase Hazen last year at the Supreme Open and he also said to use your back arm in a full pendulum swinging motion forward toward the wave at the top of your ollie to really help propel yourself with the momentum of your swinging arm. Like Anthony mentioned, throw your hands in the air!

Hope this helps!

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