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Kurzinator 10-10-2019 3:54 AM

Shoutout to Epic Board Skins
I run a fledgling clothing brand that is wakeboard based and I wanted to have a custom graphic on a board for next summer when I get out to do some promo shots and film video footage.
I found this company, EpicBoardSkins dot com, and thought I'd give them a shot.

Just wanted to share it with you all if you're bored of your graphics or whatever. The company means for their graphics to only be used on top sheets, but I wanted to try it on the bottom anyways. I applied the graphic, which is basically a giant sticker that uses 3M adhesive (The best), and takes two people to do. I let it sit for about three days before putting it in the water.

I've only had about 3 chances to ride it since then, now that the Canadian season is getting cold, but I have to say I am 100% happy with it so far. No signs of lifting or peeling, etc. I treat my boards gently, never banging them around or setting them on rough ground etc, so I think this is going to last a long time.

I'm not posting this link with any other intention than to share the picture with you. This is not an attempt to gain followers, but I really wanted you guys to see the board. I tried to download imgur and post it there but the latest app won't let me post pics from my phone, only directly from my camera.


The board is a 2017 Byerly AR2 (With the palm tree graphic on bottom). It looks dope. I think it cost me about $80 Canadian for this graphic. Well worth it, for fun.

My only caveat is that you should only apply one of these custom graphics to a board that is in mint condition. Any small surface blemish or scratch will show up like a bubble under the skin.

I hope someone is stoked on this besides just me!

Also, I am not affiliated with Epic Board Skins in any way, other than being a happy customer.

Surfer101 10-14-2019 5:33 AM

Nice!! I actually know the owner of the company as he is local to me. They mostly do car wraps and graphics now rather than boards. Glad you have good things to say about them.

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