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moombarider132 01-17-2006 4:51 PM

wake surf behind a diesel boat???? i was just wondering cuz i read about that steel boat that guy made with that diesel motor. do diesels put out the same exhaust as a gas motor???? i dont know anything about the subject so anyones thoughts would help i guess

bigshow 01-17-2006 6:26 PM

Much lower CO. My brother works on farm equipment. They don't pipe the exhaust outside or vent the building when the run tractor engines inside. <BR> <BR>The problem is the market place doesn't demand diesel. High end wakeboard/wakesurf boats already cost too much to begin with. Go and add another $6,000 or more for a diesel engine package, probably wonít sell.

madchild1 01-17-2006 6:52 PM

i for one, am a staunch proponent of the diesel wakeboats. all ["all" is relative] it would take to get people more excited is some initial fiscal losses by the mfgs so the diesel engine mfgs could begin to produce enough engines to allow the prices to fall. thus making them less of an upgrade. and you all know the rules of supply and demand...or at least you should.

schackdaddy 01-17-2006 6:52 PM

Very true ED. Kind of the same thing with the trucks. A ton more torque and HP but 6000 extra. Be nice to have a 600 HP, 570 pounds of torque Cummins tho.

cyclonecj 01-17-2006 7:02 PM

Huh? Have you been to a boat show lately? I won't even mention the x80, but this 220 went quick <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/278569.jpg" alt="Yow">

moombarider132 01-17-2006 7:05 PM

what are you talking about psyclone??????? <BR> <BR> <BR>i cofused

bigshow 01-17-2006 7:15 PM

No, increased marine diesel sales volume won't appreciably drop diesel engine cost for the consumer. Gas engines cost less because they coat-tail on the huge automotive market. The automotive diesel engine market (consumer trucks) is tinny compared to the gas engine market. The best case scenario is something like $6,000 higher engine costs like Ben suggests, <BR> <BR>Over the long haul a diesel is probably a better deal. The fuel efficiency is better, maintenance cost should be lower, and since the engine runs at about half the RPMs, it will last about twice as long.

bigshow 01-17-2006 7:22 PM

Wow $70K for a boat, that's what I'm talking about, that would just about payoff my mortgage. I bought an I/O in 1993 for $13K and change. Last year I made the jump to a v-drive. I think I have good income and live in a fairly low cost part of the country, and still the new boat (an 04 demo) was stretch for me. <BR> <BR>Iíve said this before, these high end boats are for doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.

niap101 01-17-2006 8:55 PM

Diesel engines produce less Carbon Monoxide (CO) than gasoline engines but substantially higher levels of sulfur oxides and particulate matter (soot). CO levels in diesel are generally not high enough to cause death; however, the sulfur oxides can make you ill (like sea sick). Also, the soot would blacken the back of your boat a LOT more than with a gasoline engine. If you should try a diesel surf boat, Fresh Air Exhaust would work on it as well. <BR>Larry Mann <BR><a href="http://www.FreshAirExhaust.com" target="_blank">www.FreshAirExhaust.com</a> <BR>

deuce 01-18-2006 8:59 AM

Edward, I assume the 70 K is the MSRP.... The Boat Show price on that boat we will assume would be 10+ K lower.... <BR> <BR>Again, just assuming as I have not yet been to my dealer or this years boat show to see what the 220 is going for.... But I feel confident enough about that statement to make a post.

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