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snyper1d 05-19-2009 8:29 AM

I am looking to get into photography as a hobby, and wanting to upgrade from my current D40 basic kit package (body, 18-55mm). My buddy who is a professional photographer is also looking to upgrade one of his d200's, and offered it to me in a package (D200, batt grip, 18-135mm, 2nd batt, charger) for $750. Would I be better off picking this package up, or should I go for a D90? The specs look similar on the two, for the exception of Live View and better High ISO on the D90. <BR> <BR>What are your thoughts

wakesurf12 05-19-2009 8:37 AM

D90 over D200 forsure. The D90 has less body functions but the sensor is a smaller version of the D3 and D700. Which is amazing.

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