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sutersuter 05-29-2005 6:48 AM

thinking of buying a boat from america and importing it to england. does anyone know what bayliner 1950 and crownline 180br are like for wakeboarding? which is better and why? i would obviously fit a tower and fat sac etc. cheers for any help...

peacock 05-29-2005 10:08 AM

Not to say it can't be done, but neither the bayliner or crownline would be considered a 'good' wakeboard boat. I have seen some guys do some pretty amazing stuff behind non wakeboats, but if you are looking to buy a boat that would be good for wakeboarding, check around. Oh...Malibu is better than Mastercraft, <BR>or is it Mastercraft better than Malibu?...any way, good luck.

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