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liljohn 11-03-2008 4:52 PM

Who`s running them and how do you like them?

ponte_06_x2 11-03-2008 5:33 PM

ive heard nothing but great things about these amps. the marine one look dope.

hatepain 11-03-2008 6:07 PM

I have one running my interiors and I like it a great deal. They are very efficient and small while still putting out really good power.

milehighrider 11-03-2008 7:00 PM

i have one running my tower and like it so far. i think i am gonna put a couple in this winter to power my subs.

acurtis_ttu 11-04-2008 7:25 AM

I've got three in my boat, great amps in a small pacakge. Very effecient ( noticeable extension in runtime with the motor off), and still sound great. Mine will get warm, but never what I would consider hot. According to quite a few independent tests the amps are also underatted by 10-15%

delmage171 11-04-2008 10:38 AM

do you guys still stack them in your boat? or are you worried of the vibration from the waves will break something...

acurtis_ttu 11-04-2008 12:18 PM

I don't stack mine, there is no need to. they are small enough.

milehighrider 11-04-2008 9:00 PM

i will not stack the others i add to the 1 i have. how ever mine has gotten hot and shut off, a couple times. but it was really being stressed. it ran hard for about 5 hours strait at powell. that was the only problem. i am thinking about putting them in my car as well based on size

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