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scottdogs 11-20-2013 4:31 PM

Ronix William
For those who rode a William this season, just wondering what your thoughts were. I am thinking of picking one up off the net with maybe the Code 55 boots. I can't test ride where I am so all feedback would be much appreciated. I am currently on a Watson classic, and since I don't get out anywhere near as much as I did I am after something easier to ride a longish set on that I can also be more inconsistent on as I feel my (already limited) skill level dropping:banghead:. I also considered the Code 22 but thought constant rocker might be better than a three stage. Sorry for the long post.

raceman121 11-25-2013 7:01 PM

its a great board its super fast a nice consistent pop not to explosive pretty loose very forgiving on landings gets on edge a little slow but you get use to it. i would buy it again.

scottdogs 11-27-2013 1:05 AM

Thanks Seth, I was starting to think no-one had anything good to say about it. I appreciate the input.

skiboarder 11-27-2013 9:42 AM

I've been riding to the William all season and just recently switched to the Bill (same shape) for the park.

I've ridden the Code and the William and I rode both very well. I leaned toward the William for a couple of reasons. First, It is fast. It is faster than the Code. Don't let 3 stage versus continuous fool you. The Continuos on the Code is an accelerated type where the William, though it has 3 stages blends the rocker from belly to tip. Second, the william has a groove that runs the length of the board just inside of the rail. I think they call it "grip and release," but the difference I have found is that it really allows you to develop a steep angle toward the wake with out tipping the board so far on edge (and throwing off your body position). The last reason I chose the William is because it allowed for a variable approach. I am a mood drive rider. Some days I air it out and some days I go wake to wake on everything. Some tricks I edge smooth and steady and sometimes I like to chop at the wake. I really felt like the William was a more versatile board for me.

All that said, most people in my crew have been leaning toward the Code. It is an absolute workhorse. Smooth turning, long approaches, extremely consistent and pops really well. Pretty much everything anyone wants in a board. The one thing the code does to better than the William is drive through the wake. That is one of the toughest things for a developing rider to get over and the code facilitates that very well.

That was a lot of words with out much help on your pick, but honestly, both are a great choice. You can't go wrong with either of these boards.

scottdogs 11-28-2013 4:00 PM

Thanks Justin, just one thing though, don't you mean the Code is blended 3 stage and the William is accelerated continuous? Is the Code more fussy about consistent approach to the wake, I think that's what you mean by variable approach on the William. Thanks for the reply though, and sometimes I think a lot of words is far better than three or four abbreviated sentences (obviously from how much I write) :)

skiboarder 11-29-2013 9:26 AM

Don't get too hung up on the rocker terminology. They are both quick boards.

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