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jimwake 03-06-2013 9:05 PM

What 2004-2006 Boat
Hi all, i am new to this forum but have a quick question:

Unfortunately, due to financial reasons I am going to have to downgrade my boat. I currently have an love my 2009 X-2, which I ride fully weighted (factory plus fly-high). Its a sick wake...

Now, the new boat will have a lower budget - so, i would like advice on what you recommend: 2003-2006 XStar, X-2 (old or new shape if i can find it), Super Air 210. or anything else. I want to weight these boats for max wake, but 2 things to consider - our lake has shallow patches (4ft) and also, is not too long. It was fine for the X2, but I fear an Xstar might not be the best option.

Any advice would be great!


sidekicknicholas 03-06-2013 9:37 PM

I loved our 210. .... took about 1/2 the weight of an X-star due to the more narrow hull... the wake will be a lot different than the X-2 and the interior will feel a lot smaller too.

I would try in get in one for an extended period of time to see if you'd like it.

nitrousbird 03-07-2013 2:41 AM

'05-'08 Wakesetter VLX.

chattwake 03-07-2013 4:01 AM

There's an 06 vlx in knoxville tn on craigslist that you could pick up in the mid to high 30s.

runin90lx 03-07-2013 10:29 AM

I loved my 08 x1 for wakeboarding. For rid of it only to get a boat better suited for surfing

Brearly_Mason 03-07-2013 11:54 AM

I have the last 2006 SAN 210 ever made that I will sell for $30K, it is a signature series though with nothing but hard tanks and perfect pass.

boardman74 03-07-2013 3:00 PM

You'd be selling yourself short if you didn't consider an MB.

Sorry couldn't resist...I'm joking!!

johnny_defacto 03-07-2013 9:57 PM


Originally Posted by nitrousbird (Post 1810170)
'05-'08 Wakesetter VLX.


Just like the xstar you mentioned, it will keep taking all the weight that your motor/prop set up can take.

If not, then the 04+ xstar would be my second choice, but I think they will be more expensive than a couple-year-newer vlx, and sounds like your lake is on the small side....or just shallow side? The draft is probably the same or similar, but the VLX will turn inside the xstar all day long, heck, the vlx might even turn inside your 20' x2.

3rd choice, old xstar / x2 / x1. Small boat but classic wake and sounds like it might be a good matchup for your lake.

xstarrider 03-08-2013 7:09 AM

I would highly advise against an Xstar for your type of lake. The 03-11 X star hull needs tons of weight, turns like a pig , and won't be to nice on the pocketbook gas wise. It also needs the depth due to the amount of water it displaces

Really a 210, 205v(original x star hull/x1) or Vlx are your ticket. They all will have just as much wake and more i would argue than your current boat. The210 and 205v handle like Ferraris even when weighted, they turn on a dime, and are good on gas even when weighted. Te Vlx has more space and room than either the 210 or 205v but it also drives a bit bigger than a 21 ft e than compared to the 210 and 205v. Since u also like the x2 wake the 205v hull will be almost identical. It will have a little more snap and a longer transition but very similar in shape. The pre 07 210 is a wall. I personally don't care for the bu shape of that era but that's me. You may like it.

All in all either of those 3 boats are killer I would go for whatever I can find in those 3 that's the cleanest and the closest. All have money wakes. As sick of a boarding wake as that 03-11 star has its handling in tight spots, gas consumption, and lake of wake in shallow water will make it sub par in performance compared to te other 3 for your situation on a smaller lake

xstarrider 03-08-2013 7:15 AM

Also if it matters the 210 will need the least amount of ballast to get the wake macking.
But it will also have the least amount of storage. The 205v will be the smallest inside but has more useable storage that the 210

The Vlx has the most room and storage but from my experience requires more weight than either to get it going. It already drive bigger than the 210 or 205v and if u plan on using the wedge it will even be harder to turn. Not that it will have any issues on a smaller lake. It's just something to consider if you have to make hot laps all day long weighted up

tampawake 03-08-2013 7:53 AM

I agree 100% with Swat guy said. I own a 2002 X Star and spend the other half of my time in a SANTE 210. If I had to do it over again I probably would have bought a 210. Its just slightly bigger and rides much better in rougher water. The wakes are different both are great. Not sure which one surfs better but my guess is the 210. Either way both of those boats are great. The VLX is another great choice I ride in one of those a few times a year very comfy and noticeably bigger than the 210 and Star. If space is a huge issue go with the BU if not flip a coin or get the best deal between the CC and MC. Your going to miss the size of your X2 even though its only a 20 fooooooter.

03-08-2013 8:26 AM

You could get an Axis A22 I would put that wake up against any of the boats talked about in this thread and a brand new fully loaded sells for 60k out the door so you should be able to pick up a used one with low hours for a great price. I love mine throws such a crisp wake you can't go wrong

tampawake 03-08-2013 10:16 AM

Good point Seth however he can get a 2002 x star or 210 in the 22-29k price.

gnarslayer 03-08-2013 5:11 PM

old hull 210 hull for sure

T_A 03-08-2013 6:42 PM

Love my 05 vlx, like others have said it will take as much weight as you wanna put in it and there's seems to not be a point of diminishing returns...definitely test ride first. The 210 hull ppl are talking about has a very large wake with little weight but almost no transition which makes timing very difficult on some tricks. I personally don't like them and it would be bottom of my list..but it is all personal preference

dougr 03-09-2013 5:08 AM

what is your budget, why not look for an 05 06 v ride., it is the older vlx hull, really great wakeboard hull, good on gas and you should be able to find in the upper 20's low 30's

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