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SkySki 08-26-2012 7:49 PM

Boat Car - Golf Cart
I thought this would be a cool golf cart - not mine, just found it on craigslist..


boardman74 08-26-2012 8:40 PM

Pretty Cool!! Be cool for at the lake cabin.

wakebrdr94 08-26-2012 9:00 PM

dude, I would rock that thing in my neighborhood, let alone the river place.....

markj 08-27-2012 1:23 AM

That is awesome. Imagine the looks on people's faces when they saw you rollin...

kirk 08-27-2012 9:20 AM

All it needs is a tower and some Wetsounds...

antoddio 08-27-2012 9:25 AM

all they put up is one crappy pic? can't even really tell what it looks like

Jmaxymek 08-27-2012 10:56 AM

They must be hiding the bottom of the hull. Probably ran it aground *rimshot* :D

bjames 08-27-2012 1:53 PM

Amphibious??? That WOULD be cool though :)

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