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clotus 08-01-2009 2:29 PM

I want to get my boat dialed in for a nice port size surf wave. Heres what I have for ballast: <BR>Factory 250 in each rear locker and 500 in bow, 540 sac, 440 bow sac, 150 sac, 85 sac, and 100 in lead (2 bags). How should I configure my weight??? please help!!

dennish 08-01-2009 8:47 PM

Fill Stock port and front. <BR>put lead in back as far back as you can get. <BR>540 sac in rear locker 150 sac on top of 540

clotus 08-02-2009 10:46 PM

So no extra weight up front, IE the 440 bow sac???

dennish 08-02-2009 10:57 PM

No extra weight up front the stock ballast is enough. Just get as much weight as you can in the rear locker.

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