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MystiikVLX 07-29-2019 12:38 PM

Phase5 MVP
Anyone ridden phase5 MVP? Curious how it compares to Victoria factor or phase5 daniello.

99Bison 08-21-2019 4:22 PM

Same! Or compared to p5 matrix.

XSpaceWrangler 03-14-2020 9:58 AM

I have an older P5 Danielo that I have ridden for years (51" I think). I got a S/50" P5 MVP that I rode last summer. The extra width of the MVP was not very noticeable. The MVP seems to have a good bit more rocker in the nose. The extra rocker makes it feel much shorter than the Danielo to me and also much "spinnier". I was having trouble stopping my spins at first on the MVP (i.e., I would end up spinning a 540 when trying to 360) but adjusted to it fairly quickly. I haven't landed a shuvit behind the boat on either board but flipping them around on carpet or trampoline i like the MVP more because of the full length pad. I rode both mostly with the 1" fin so not enough finless riding to give a good finless comparison. I'm happy with the board but would like to try the next size up MVP for comparison if I was buying again and had that option ( i'm 5'6", 140#).

XSpaceWrangler 03-14-2020 10:11 AM

Rocker comparison:

MystiikVLX 03-15-2020 2:22 AM

Interesting. I am 152lbs and was considering the smaller board. Now, I wondering if I should go with the 53.

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