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boardman74 07-22-2013 9:46 AM

Prop puller
Has anyone tried these harmonic prop pullers? Looks like you screw it over the threads and beat on it till the vibration works the prop off. Wondering how it is for occasional use. I found a small rock last weekend and need to pop my prop off to have 1 blade corner straightened.

Curious if they work as I need something by Thursday and a local place has them in stock and I can't find any of the traditional "C" style pullers local as of yet.

Curious if anyone has tried them and what the results were. Thanks.


rasorjb 07-22-2013 9:57 AM

They work good if your key is still in good condition. If your key is messed up at all you are going to need a regular puller.

austin 07-22-2013 10:32 AM

I did quite a bit of searching around on the internet to find opinions when I was buying a prop puller. In the end, it sounds like YMMV. I was interested in the harmonic puller not only because it's much cheaper, but if I ever wanted to consider trying one of the new 5-blade props you have to use a harmonic puller. Anyway, after reading dozens of anecdotes, it sounds like in many cases a harmonic puller will work just fine, and in some cases they don't work and then you're kind of stuck. However, you can also find anecdotes where the c-clamp style pullers haven't always worked either. In the end though it sounds like your odds of trouble-free pulling seem better with a c-clamp puller. People who pull props regularly also seem to recommend c-clamp style puller.

boardman74 07-22-2013 10:41 AM

My boat is a 2013 with about 30 hours so the key should be ok. I don't usually mess with the prop, but we are shallow this year and managed to find one of the few small rocks near the launch. It just curled about 1/4" of one of the blade tips, but its enough I can feel it under hard acceleration. Talked to a local place and they can straighten it and they have the harmonic style puller in stock, but not a C Clamp style. I'm know the C clamp is better, but If I can't find one by Thursday I will have to go with the harmonic style and just wanted to make sure they worked.

The prop hasn't been on there long so didn't figure it should be too tough to get off. Not like its a 10 year old boat that has never had the prop off. For $30 I think I will give it a try.

skiboarder 07-22-2013 10:46 AM

I just remove the nut. Squirt a little light oil behind the prop. Wait 10 minutes and use a cheap 2 Jaw puller. I get it nice and snug and only a few taps with dead-blow hammer pops it right off. I've never owned a puller.

ajf4242 07-22-2013 11:13 AM

I have a harmonic prop puller. . . have used it many times and think it's better than the traditional one. Like stated before if you have the 5 blade you practically need it to get that one off. I used to just tap the prop with a brass hammer around the hub and they would come off, but it could be a pain at times. I think I paid $120 bucks for the bag with the puller and all the tools (which will rust because they're cheap and in a wet environment). Mine came with a spare key and nut. I used to think it was a waste of money and honestly after buying it, It has saved me a few times. I can change a prop in less than 5 minutes with it.

boardman74 07-22-2013 11:45 AM

Andrew is that the one I have a link to? You screw it over the thread and tap on it?

ajf4242 07-22-2013 12:34 PM

Yup. Just take off the nut and screw the puller on and whack away with a hammer. Usually it will loosen with 2-3 blows good hard blows to it. I got a package deal with tools and a bag to put a spare prop in from acme though. Same tool. . . might be something to look into if you plan on carrying around a spare.

baitkiller 07-22-2013 6:34 PM

If the prop is fit correctly, one good wack and its off. If it takes a C or A puller to remove this itty bitty stuff then it was never fit to the shaft taper properly in the first place. The knocker should work fine.

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