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ReSession 09-01-2011 9:55 AM

A few pics of the new Supreme V226
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I've been holding off posting pics cause as I knew as soon as I did everyone would want to see how the wave looked...I'm 6.5 hours away from breaking the engine in, and if I take the day off tomorrow we should be surfing by mid-day Friday or Saturday if I get stuck working! With that said, here's a few of the pics.

Let me just say, this boat is HUGE! The width, the gunwale height...you'll see from the pic that you can fit your entire fist under the platform and it's still not touching the water, versus my old boat that was sitting way lower. We tossed a few people on the rear sundeck for fun and the wave looked pretty damn nice and long...so I'm really excited to see what the stock 1100 lb system plus the 1000 lb surf sac and the 400lbs of LeadWake.com lead sacs (8 of them x 50lbs). The boat comes stock with 5 plumbed tsunami pumps...plus I had them add 1 Jabsco pump and the cool thing is that I have enough hose where I can just run them to the other (starboard) side and fill the same sack over there with the Jabsco (I'll just cap off the top instead of venting it like I have set up for the port side).

Looking forward to sharing some wave & surf pics this weekend...until then, still breakin' her in!


ReSession 09-01-2011 9:59 AM

You'll see an Inland Surfer production Flyboy and a prototype Flyboy we're testing for the Walkers in the racks too...these are KILLER boards! The IS Flyboy is super-defined and you may have read my previous review in this forum, whereas the prototype Flyboy has softer edges and a bit wider...my bigger buddies (215-220 lbs) really like this board! More to come guys!

dreamer 09-01-2011 10:49 AM

With your platform up high like that will there be more wash on the surf wave?

ReSession 09-01-2011 10:55 AM

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JS - doubtful...I've rode behind other V226's with the same platform/setup...by the time it's all weighted down, the platform will be much closer to the water. The platform is also trimmed on the sides to prevent drag and is NOT huge! Here's a pic of the top view!

surfdad 09-01-2011 12:34 PM

Nice looking boat and boards too! :)

ragboy 09-01-2011 2:20 PM

That new tower is such an improvement, looks great. The older towers just seemed cheaply made. Nice colors.

johnboyy7 09-01-2011 2:42 PM

nice looking ride and boards. not a bad set up.

ragboy 09-01-2011 3:13 PM

I just noticed, are you really towing it with that, is that a VW?

wakeandsnow27 09-01-2011 4:23 PM


Originally Posted by ragboy (Post 1705873)
I just noticed, are you really towing it with that, is that a VW?

touaregs and cayennes can have a substantial amount of towing capacity than people would think.

ragboy 09-01-2011 4:36 PM

Pretty cool, thats a lot of boat.

getssum 09-01-2011 5:54 PM

The boat's going to eat the t-reg!

Nova 09-01-2011 8:41 PM

Looks great! Hopefully I see you out there on good 'ol Champlain.

ReSession 09-02-2011 6:43 AM

Robert - it's a 2008 Touareg II V8, rated to tow up to 7700 lbs! I pulled it back from Albany (300 miles) last Friday with 400 lbs of lead in the rear lockers averaging 70-75 mph and the majority of the time, I forgot it was there (with the exception of a huge picklefork in my rear view mirror!). The T2 is a SWEET machine and even has the air suspension to automatically adjust for the weight. It also has differential locks, which actually helped me from getting stuck on a muddy/clay launch the other week!

The V10 Touareg pulled a 155 ton Boeing 747 from a standing pull (filled with 4.2 TONS of ballast!) and double the tire pressure...check out the Fifth Gear vid here!

Mike, heading out on the lake shortly...took the day off to complete my final 5 hours of break-in, and possibly surf it up this evening!

*sorry I posted this in the wrong section!

ragboy 09-02-2011 8:25 AM

Wow, pretty amazing. I have an Audi and love it, but didn't know the Touareg could do that.

ReSession 09-03-2011 7:26 AM

20 hour break-in complete! First surf session = AMAZZZZING!
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Damn, nothing better than doing a Summer's worth of research on boats, having it delivered last week, and cranking out a SICK wave my first attempt!!! I really can't be happier/excited/proud with my new wave...and it's only going to get better!

The stock tanks filled up in literally 3-4 minutes...and I'm waiting on a few connections from Wakemakers before I have the 1000 lb sac fully plumbed, so I filled it manually in about 10 minutes with a tsunami.

The GREATEST thing I love about this boat & wave is NO sacs on the seats! What a difference! Trim tab holds the bow down and shapes up the wave SOOO nice...there is no platform drag, no prop wash...just a damn-near perfect wave! It's incredibly long and I was overshooting all my spins because I was gaining so much speed! And definitely landing my biggest airs...the V226 + Inland Surfer Flyboy = a killer combination!

Now...the pics & vid don't do it enough justice because this is our FIRST run filled up, heading to go meet 4 buddies on their Malibu and have them jump in with me...so there's only myself and 1 passenger! Waiting for a few iPhone videos to be emailed to me...until then, here's what it's looking like!

YouTube Video of new wave

Also, I didn't even notice when I first checked it out, but the guys @ Semper Speed & Marine machined in some extra bracing to support the engine wall, so I included a pic of that as well!

Headed out again today...definitely will get some wakesurfing vids!

dbdan 09-03-2011 8:38 AM

You live in Vermont and bought it from Semper?!?!?!

inland_surfer 09-03-2011 8:38 AM

wow nice ride - thanks for the pics of the fly boy too !

ReSession 09-03-2011 9:28 AM

Dbdan - that's how I roll ;)

JF - thanks, hitting up the lake now for a surf session and hope to get some good pics and vids riding the Fly boy...it's so sweet!

ragboy 09-03-2011 1:50 PM

Those braces are great, nice touch by the dealer.

TheSqueakyWheel 09-04-2011 6:15 AM

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Sweet boat. Awesome job on the divider brace - that's far more elegant than the u-channel I used.

Also, having spent a good deal of time on the new MBs I have to comment that the v226 shares many similarities to the new MB. They both appear to have a similar deep-v hull, the high swimplatform and spacious wide beam interiors. And both throw killer waves.

From the new MB catalog....

ragboy 09-04-2011 2:52 PM

Yes, CMS has a 23LSV (used) on showroom floor with the V226, and it is evident why malibu needs a lot of weight to get it over. Thats a nice shot of the rear end of the MB.

ReSession 09-05-2011 6:51 AM

Surfing the new V226 - some pics and vids!
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Looks like we picked the 2 best days to surf the new boat, as the rain is coming down in VT this morning! The past few days have been super WINDY (10-15mph out of the South!)...if you don't have the Windfinder app for your iPhone, I highly recommend it! Combine that with the 'next 6 hours' for the Weather-in-Motion map on Weather.com and you're your OWN weatherman!

*First off...I don't recommend this, as it's highly illegal in most/all states! BUT...since I knew the cop's boat was docked up @ the marina and there was no chance of seeing him on the lake, I decided to pull my girlfriend SOLO behind the V226 while waiting for my buddy to rig up a few sails for his friends to go off and sail his pair of Lazers (yes, it was THAT windy!).

You'll see from this video that there's no one in the boat with me. I have the stock center (600 lbs), the stock port (250 lbs), the 1000 lb port locker sac, and 400 lbs of lead on the port side under the seat...plus my 165lbs! So JUST over a ton of ballast...and the wave was so fun! We played around with filling the starboard stock tank as well...I liked it empty, gave a more gradual wave...where my GF liked it full, with a more peaked wave.

We then picked up 4 more riders/passengers and the wave took a turn towards amazingness! As Jeff Walker was explaining to me, this boat LOVES weight...the more, the merrier! Pretty sure I'll have some custom sacs designed over the winter and added for the Spring. I timed the fill process and it was JUST under 7 minutes, even without the 1000 lb sac plumbed in the back (waiting on a few elbow connections to be delivered!).

In any case, here's a few pics...you'll see the wave has zero prop wash, zero platform drag...just a perfect "marbled" wave forming nice and long! In the pic where I'm way back in the wave, I had no problem pumping back in! My buddy PG is getting pretty decent at riding goofy and starting to show some fin as well!

A quick vid of me riding the prototype Fly boy from Jeff Walker too...my GoPro fell off my extendable pole and 86'd to the bottom of the lake (43' down in murky dark water!) so I'm stuck on the iPhone vids for the time being ;)

jdhart73 09-05-2011 8:31 PM

Awesome wave. Any solution to the crazy loud pipes that seem to stay above the water while under way, FAE?

ReSession 09-06-2011 9:56 AM

Jake - thanks man! Yeah, I'm probably going to look at a few options...most V226's have the down-turned exhaust pipes on them but mine didn't for some reason? Just checked out the FAE site, I'll have to see if they offer them for my boat because they don't have the V226 listed as an option under Ski Supreme. I shot them an email to find out. For now, I'll just have to crank the tunes!

duffymahoney 09-06-2011 10:08 AM

I tried the downturned pipes on my avalanche. They didn't work at all. Just put an FAE on it. Larry over at FAE should be able to hook you up easily. Nice looking wave.

ragboy 09-06-2011 1:40 PM

Good looking wave. Lots of fun dialing in a new boat.

wakebrdjay 09-06-2011 5:13 PM

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Greg there's a form Larry has that you use to take various measurements and he can make one to fit.He didn't have the V212 when I got mine.Took the measurements and sent them to him and he made one and it worked perfect.Been using it 4 seasons now not one problem.

TheSqueakyWheel 09-08-2011 3:49 PM

see PM I sent please. I have a 2012 v226 demo lined up for this weekend and could use some advice on proper ballast setup.

ragboy 09-08-2011 4:00 PM

Just FYI, Grant has a 2011 for sale for $56.5K, and its in amazing condition. Its new, but was used for demo, the wake is documented in the West Coast Open videos. The thing is, it will make a better wake than the boats above. For some reason supreme started rasing the swim decks up, and it hurts the goofy wake especially. Grants boat has the deck down where it needs to be, and also makes it normal to get in and out of the boat.

Before you get one make sure the deck isn't raised up like that, at least that is my advice to you. Dennis has surfed behind both sides of the supreme on boats with decks up and down, he can provide more info if you want to PM him. Also, he did tell me the higher deck is a lot harder to get back in.

Anyway, I was out 2 weeks ago visiting CMS and took pics, the boat is immaculate from what I could see and has that killer stereo upgrade that special bimini that you can load boards and tubes and whatever on.

<object width="800" height="600"> <param name="flashvars" value="offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2Fwake9%2Fsets%2F721576 27386561039%2Fshow%2F&page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos %2Fwake9%2Fsets%2F72157627386561039%2F&set_id=7215 7627386561039&jump_to="></param> <param name="movie" value="http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=104087"></param> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=104087" allowFullScreen="true" flashvars="offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2Fwake9%2Fsets%2F721576 27386561039%2Fshow%2F&page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos %2Fwake9%2Fsets%2F72157627386561039%2F&set_id=7215 7627386561039&jump_to=" width="800" height="600"></embed></object>

ragboy 09-08-2011 4:01 PM

If embed doesn't work, here is a link.


ragboy 09-08-2011 4:16 PM

Here is the only picture I have of Grant's deck:

IMG_0412 by wake9, on Flickr

SteveO 09-08-2011 9:56 PM

Ragboy - That raised swim deck thing must have been on the 2011 models. I've got a brand new 2012 and my swim deck is not raised.


ragboy 09-08-2011 10:12 PM

Cool deal. Grants boat isn't raised, then some were, then back down I think. Because the 2012 one at the West Coast Open wasn't raised, so I thought that that was no longer an issue. But then I saw the pics of Greg's boat, and thought maybe they stuck with that, which I think would have been a mistake.

Cool deal, great looking boat. Those new towers look so much nicer. Congrats.

dennish 09-08-2011 10:26 PM

Greg's boat was made when they thought that the raised swim deck was the answer. I think they now understand that it is not much help at all.

ReSession 09-11-2011 8:25 AM

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SteveO - nice looking boat, you surf it yet??

I haven't rode the dark side yet but so far, I have had no issues/complaints about the wave! I'm going to get some videos of me riding behind the boat today and show you some shots of how JUST the left corner of the platform dribbles in the water...my thought is that IF the platform were 4-6" lower, you'll get some MAJOR drag of the platform to the point of it affecting the wave (whether it's positive or negative...that's to be determined?). I'm just going off what I'm seeing from how far my boat sits in the water. So I'm curious to know/see how the wave is behind the 2012 with the lower platform, based on how we're weighting/riding the V226? Perhaps it will be better for the goofy side wave - post some pics/vids?

Check out the videos from yesterday...the 'dribble' I mentioned can be seen coming off the platform. Can anyone explain how the wave will be BETTER if you sink the platform 4-6"???



As far as getting out of the water...I'm up and onto the platform in half a second but I'm sure the bigger you are, the harder the forces of gravity work against you! It's not like you need a ladder or someone to pull you up from the boat like my dad used to when I was a kid ;) The girls have complained at the fact it's harder to pee off the back though!

Seems like the V226s have been changing/progressing pretty quickly, like the updated dash or the tower...2 of the reasons I did not like the 2010's or some of the first 2011's! Hopefully they update their website and facebook page...my mom has more friends!

ragboy 09-11-2011 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by ReSession (Post 1707623)
Check out the videos from yesterday...the 'dribble' I mentioned can be seen coming off the platform. Can anyone explain how the wave will be BETTER if you sink the platform 4-6"???

Well, if it was better, supreme probably would have left the deck up there, but try the goofy side. When the deck is up higher it doesn't knock down the prop wash on the goofy side, doesn't affect the regular much if at all. So if it doesn't bother you, than sounds all good. I can just be a bit "goofy" sensitive. ;-)

wakebrdjay 09-11-2011 1:37 PM

I'll be willing to bet the goofy side is cleaner.

jdhart73 09-11-2011 10:41 PM

I will head out with Steve sometime this week and hopefully we can test his goofy wave as I am the only one that surfs it!

ReSession 09-12-2011 7:09 PM

Cool, that makes sense Robert! I need to check it out myself and see what it's like...maybe we can try this weekend? An adjustable-height swim platform would be a sweet option, to let you adjust the prop wash, etc!

Hopefully everyone gets the wave they're looking for with their V226's? I'd love the opportunity to test drive my boats before I buy them but all the dealers are all 4+ hours to the closest dealer that maybe has 1 mid-range model of 1 brand (like Nautique or Centurion)...so I have literally done ALL of my research online, along with the entire buying process and so far, the boat has far-exceeded my expectations right out the box!

SteveO 09-13-2011 12:29 AM

Your wave looks awesome. I wouldn't worry too much about your swim deck height. My swim deck is in the "normal" position and there is enough space between the prop wash and the swim deck, that I can see my trim tab while surfing.

What prop are you running? The clearance on my 2012 stock prop is only 5/8". I may have to stay with a 13.5" prop, like the Acme 1579 (13.5 x 14.24).

TheSqueakyWheel 09-13-2011 8:28 AM

Anyone know the "stock" prop on the 2012?

I demo'd a v226 this weekend with a stock prop. We had trouble maintaining speed around 11mph with an extra 1100 lbs of ballast, 3 adults, 5 kids. Also, the boat would decelerate terribly from 25 mph to 15mph when turning sharply, for example, while tubing.

The dealer and I both suspect it's the prop. he's going to reprop it with as low a pitch prop as he can. Any suggestions what works best at 5000' ?

SteveO 09-13-2011 9:30 AM

Our 2012 came with a 13.5 x 16 Acme 537. I know some guys are running the 1235 (14.5 x 14.25), but my 2012 does not have enough clearance to run that prop. I'm going with either a 1433 (14 x 14.24) or 1579 (13 x 14.25).

ReSession 09-13-2011 10:18 AM

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I'll have to check my prop when I get a chance? In the meantime, I pulled the rear image of my boat/platform for comparison to the 2012...looks to be 2-3" difference? We'll see what kind of difference that makes on the goofy side vs. regular?

SteveO 09-15-2011 6:54 AM

We've decided to go with the Acme 1433 which is a 14"x14.25 prop. I've got about 3/8 to 7/16 clearance. I may end up with a little prop burn in the gelcoat, but the added performance is worth a little gel coat repair later.

TheSqueakyWheel 09-15-2011 7:43 AM

Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along to my dealer.
I was also told that Supreme is adding a switchblade option for 2012 !

joshljoshl 11-03-2011 6:28 PM


Originally Posted by SteveO (Post 1708677)
We've decided to go with the Acme 1433 which is a 14"x14.25 prop. I've got about 3/8 to 7/16 clearance. I may end up with a little prop burn in the gelcoat, but the added performance is worth a little gel coat repair later.

Steve, have you had any time to try out the 1433? Was it a noticeable improvement? Any gelcoat rub? I just bought a 2011 V226 and it came with Acme 275 (13.5 x 17.5 and less cup) -- I'm anxious to switch it out, but it looks like it would be a tight fit!

SteveO 11-03-2011 11:32 PM

We got about 4-5 hours on the 1433 prop before we winterized. It is a noticeable improvement. There may be some gelcoat burn over time, but I don't see any yet. I only have about 3/8, maybe 7/16. That is one thing Supreme needs to improve......get enough clearance to run a 14.5" prop. I would love to run a 1435!

wakebrdjay 11-04-2011 8:51 AM

Is the 1435 a new size?I don't see it on Acme's list,or do you mean 1235?

SteveO 11-15-2011 7:13 PM

Yeah, 1235 sorry.

joshljoshl 11-17-2011 10:35 AM

For those interested - I installed the 1433 on my '11 V226 yesterday and took her for a test run. NIGHT AND DAY difference over the 13.5x17.5 that came with my boat. Immediately I noticed planing with much less throttle, albeit more RPM. The downside is now at 3000 RPM I am only doing about 23 MPH (27MPH for old prop), making for a longer, less efficient cruise to the flat water. I haven't loaded up the boat and tried surfing with the new prop yet, but I have no doubt that it will save gas and wear and tear with 3000+ extra lbs in the boat. I will do that comparison once it warms up and I can find 10 other people that want to be on the water. The taller prop will be saved for unloaded river cruising days, as it achieves a best of ~3.4 MPG at 25-27mph versus the new prop's best of ~3.2 MPG at 23-24mph.

dreamer 11-17-2011 12:33 PM

Ya, that's what I hate about my short pitched prop as well .Great for wakesurfing but sucks cruising and tubing my kids. I plan on trying the OJ 5 blade in the spring.

joshljoshl 08-27-2012 8:58 PM

Just an update on my earlier post about running the 1433. It went for several months with not a sign of wear on the gelcoat, but recently I noticed a black spot where it has worn through. You can actually see the fibers and porosity in the underlying glass. I'm hoping a quick fix with some epoxy (ding dough?) will fix her up. Any suggestions? I don't really care about the cosmetics in that location, just don't want it to get any worse. I just turned 135 hours and that's the only issue. I would still highly recommend this prop, especially if you run a ton+ of ballast on a regular basis!

duffymahoney 08-28-2012 9:59 AM

You can glue a small stainless plate above the prop. Acme suggested this to me.

SteveO 08-28-2012 7:54 PM

Yeah Josh, mine has done the exact same think. Duffy, what glue would hold good?

duffymahoney 08-28-2012 8:15 PM

Gosh I don't know. Something you could remove but still is strong.

wakebrdjay 08-28-2012 9:00 PM

I have a good idea on how to do this.Is the spot above the prop flat?

SteveO 08-28-2012 9:36 PM

Yes, it's flat. With the 1433 prop there is only about 3/8" clearance, so the plate can't be too thick.

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