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SS_Hooke102 08-07-2019 1:49 AM

Eventually due to a growing family/consistent crew may need to increase in boat size. Currently a G21 owner curious what people think of the makai from a wake stand point. Will it take extra weight? How is the wake? Concerned about wake only at this time. Thanks in advance!

jonblarc7 08-08-2019 2:47 AM

There was a thread awhile ago where I asked Downfortheride to post up his pic's of his Makai wake? You could PM him and ask how he likes his.

Scroll half way down and the pic's of the guy doing a tantrum are on a Makai.

Looks pretty damn good to me.


Matt0520 08-22-2019 4:09 AM

I'd go used/leftover SA or SL if you are in Makai price territory. Fantastic wakeboard wake and much better stock surf wave than Makai.

It's a great wakeboat, but definitely likes more weight, especially for surfing.

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