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08-05-2010 12:05 AM

Dialing in 2008 X2?
So I was under the impression that our surf wake was pretty impressive until I came here and saw some of the wakes people are putting out. My question is, I have a 2008 MC X2, currently my setup is as follows:

Port Factory Hard Tank #150
Starboard Factory Hard Tank #150
KGB Factory Hard Tank #250
Port Locker FH #700 Sac

We get a nice deep wake, I'd say about 3.5-4.5ft deep depending on passenger weight, which is fairly easily surfable. Usually we ride with around 5 people in the boat which we load up on the port side/cram into the port corner. I enjoy how deep our wake is, however I was wondering how I go about making it even deeper, but at the same time extending the surfable area further back, as right now the sweet spot appears to be about 3ft off the back of the platform.

Personally, I'm a big dude, 6'1, and 245, so originally on factory ballast alone, and just my immediate family in the boat, it was impossible for me to surf. The wake got tremendously better when we added the #700 to the back port locker. So any suggestions on how to make overall a bigger better wake would be appreciated.

I'm planning on adding the Fly high X-2 Bow Sac to the bow of the boat for an additional #700 in the front for wakeboarding, would that also help for surfing?

Here's a video of my little cousin's first time up, it is the best video I have of the wake forming up behind the boat:


vman 08-05-2010 12:49 AM

Try adding a FH 400 under the seat where the cooler is. You do need more wt up front in order to lengthen the pocket, but I doubt you need a 700. FH makes a 250 bow sac designed for the X-star to fit under the pickle fork seats...Don't know if they fit the X2. You should also add a FH 400 to starboard side (maybe fill half way) or shift some peeps to dark side. Think "sink then list". You may also want to order some pop bags so you can move wt around when you don't have the body ballast, or you can't convince the ladies to shift.

Foxstar 08-05-2010 4:22 PM

Cramming all the weight in the corner makes the super tall but not very easy to surf. Spread out the weight more evenly along the surf side and keep all factory ballast tanks full. Also, if you find the pocket to be short and tall try speeding up a bit. If you have lots of weight in the boat going 11 mph might not be fast enough either. Your on the right track with the fly high sack in the bow.

08-06-2010 1:05 AM

Micheal: I plan on adding the integrated bow sac from fly high, it fits under the front cushions and fills at #690.

Morgan: Right now we are running with that setup at 9.6 on Perfect Pass. I was actually planning on taking the boat out with my sister next weekend to try and dial the wake in a little bit more since last weekend we basically threw the #700 in the rear locker and went at it with about 7 people in the boat. I was thinking of playing with the speed a bit, as well as adjusting my trim plate, as I have heard that sometimes anywhere from 30-60% down it actually cleans the wake up and increases the pocket size.

Any input on speed and wake plate percentages?

vman 08-06-2010 1:54 AM

Your speed should be around 11 to 11.5. You need to get a hold of a GPS because the Perfect Pass could be off by a naut or 2. As far as trim adjustments......Master Craft boats have Trim Plates not Wake Plates. It's basically an oversized trim tab. Putting the plate down will clean up the wake, (just like it does when wake boarding) however, it will also knock down the wake - and take away the push. You can clean up the wake and lengthen the pocket by just adjusting the wt and speed. I think with about #1500 of added ballast (above stock) properly distributed will give you a good surfable wake.

boarditup 08-06-2010 7:11 PM

I have the Fly High setup full. KGB about half. Fill the factory tank on the side you want to surf on - other empty. Trim tab up or at 5%. One person on the right side on the rear sun platform is essential. Pack the rest where you need them for a great wake. The wake will have greater length if you put one person up front to give the hull a flatter attitude.

madmuffin 08-12-2010 12:25 AM

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2007 X-30. Standard ballast plus 750 in fly high back port, 750 on port side seat, 2 x 150's in the bow, two adults in boat, 4 small kids (10 and younger). Attitude plate all the way down. Perfect pass at 14 mph which may be off a bit.

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